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JoJo Siwa first knew she was gay at Disney World but has 'really hard' memories there

JoJo Siwa first knew she was gay at Disney World but has 'really hard' memories there

JoJo Siwa came out back in 2021.

JoJo Siwa has revealed that she first realized she was gay and fell in love for the first time during a trip to Disney World.

The former Dance Moms star came out back in 2021 when she posted a TikTok video to Lady Gaga's song 'Born This Way' and went viral ten times over.

Within a month of her announcement, JoJo introduced fans to her first girlfriend Kylie Prew.

JoJo and Kylie had been on and off until they split for good last year - though JoJo insists it was on good terms.

Now, JoJo has shared that it was a trip to Disney World in Orlando, Florida that made her realise she was queer.

"I have a lot of really fun memories here," she told People.

Jojo Siwa has revealed she knew she was gay during a trip to Disney World.
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"I have a lot of really hard memories here, but I have grown a lot at Disney.

"I fell in love for the first time at Disney World. I realized I was gay at Disney World.

"I went through stages of heartbreak at Disney World. There's been a lot in my personal life that Disney World has really attributed to."

Explaining what she meant, she continued: "I was here for 14 days with a girl that was my really good friend and I realized that, 'Oh, I like her.'

JoJo admitted she also has some 'really hard' memories of Disney World.

"And having all those feelings while just being in the most magical place in the world and the happiest place on Earth was so cool.

"We're not together anymore, but we did have some really fun, happy memories here."

JoJo recalled some of her fondest memories from the trip, like 'the tension of riding every ride, sitting next to each other.'

She added that they walked around the park like her brother and his girlfriend because they thought it'd be funny, 'but really, we both just wanted to hold hands'.

She gushed: "Those memories just make my heart so happy."

JoJo has insisted that she and Kylie ended on good terms.

JoJo and Kylie Prew announced their most recent breakup last summer, but assured fans that there was no bad blood.

During a livestream, she shared: "I don't like drama and it makes me really, really anxious and so I don't want to talk about it for a while, but, um, someone asked me just now if I was single [and] I am.

"I've been single for almost two months and it's OK. It's not deep, I promise. Everything's fine.

"Not everything has to be messy and gross because it's not, and I just want to clear the air."

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@itsjojosiwa

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