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Joe Rogan Mocked As He Realises He Shared Fake News Story On Podcast
Featured Image Credit: PowerfulJRE/YouTube

Joe Rogan Mocked As He Realises He Shared Fake News Story On Podcast

Rogan has been branded an 'absolute clown' after calling Australian authorities 'f***ing creeps' for the made-up story

Joe Rogan has been branded an 'absolute clown' for sharing a fake news story on his podcast.

In a new episode of The Joe Rogan Experience released on 12 May, the host brought up a news story he hadn't properly read.

He said: "I read something briefly and I didn’t get into the article," going onto claim that Australia is 'trying to pass a bill that would outlaw you growing your own food'.

The non-existent law was supposedly proposed by politicians in New South Wales. “I want to know what their justification was, but I’m pretty sure it had to do with agricultural contamination," he told guest Bryan ‘Hotep Jesus’ Sharpe.

He continued: "You could justify it if you’re a real piece of sh*t," describing the imaginary Australian authorities who came up with the bill as 'f***ing creeps' trying to 'smoke out' those opposed to vaccines.

Rogan added: "We gonna stop these motherf***ers from growing their own food... because that’s how you smoke out an anti-vaxxer, because you can’t go to a grocery store anymore, and you can’t grow your own food."

Mercifully, for Rogan's sake, his producer Jamie Vernon soon interjected to tell him no such bill exists after searching for the story on Google.

He said: "The closest thing I could find is something like this, but that’s not what you were saying," citing a report about a New Zealand law that was also 'false'.

Rogan replied: "It’s got to be a real thing... it seems too good to not be. Damn it, it better not be fake... it might be fake."

Sharpe then added: "But even if it’s fake, the fake is usually the warning." Of course, this is an empty statement with absolutely nothing to back it up.

Naturally, social media users have had a field day with Rogan's error. One user wrote: "If Rogan is popular because he's like the average person, what does that say about the average person?"

Another tweeted: "Why does this nonsense get released? Doesn't he have editors? Or even just a little bit of shame or decency?"

A third wrote: "Imagine getting outraged at something you completely made up yourself."

Another wrote: "The best part is while they were looking for it and Rogan was realising it was fake, the guest tried to fill the dead air by talking about how this is proof they are trying to control us."

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