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People are hailing Jennifer Coolidge as a 'legend' for her response to dating question

People are hailing Jennifer Coolidge as a 'legend' for her response to dating question

The American actress left the internet in hysterics with her reply to a question about her love life

Jennifer Coolidge is being dubbed a 'legend' for her reply to a question about her love life.

The 61-year-old American actor left the internet in stitches with her response to an interviewer's dating question. Watch it here:

During an interview at the Emmy's, two interviewers asked Coolidge if she had spotted any potentially love interests at the event.

"Now, Jennifer, is there somebody that you got your eye on in there?" the interviewer asked the American Pie star.

He continued: "If you could shoot your shot with anybody - who would they be?"

Taking a brief second to think, the actor responded: "Who would it be?

"Well, I was very excited about somebody - I can't say their name," she added.

As the interviewers continued to nod, Coolidge then dropped an answer which caught the two off-guard.

The interviewers were shocked by Coolidge's answer.

"But I found out today he's dead," she concluded in a dead-pan manner.

The two interviewers, clearly unsure of how to respond to such an answer, simply echoing a few "Oh's" - with one even looking off awkwardly into the distance.

With over 85k likes and 7k retweets, online users rushed to share their thoughts on The White Lotus star's response, with many finding the situation hysterical.

One Twitter user chose the wrong time to watch the interview, writing: "Was reading this after eating a big lunch and I almost threw up from laughing so hard."

Picking up on the interviewers' discomfort, a second posted: "The interviewers were like 'we weren’t trained for this'."

"I love the chaotic good that is Jennifer Coolidge," commented another.

Coolidge's interview followed her hilarious refusal to leave the stage after winning her first-ever Emmy.

The actor won the Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Limited or Anthology Series or Movie and had more than a few people to thank for her achievement.

Despite attempts to usher the actor off the stage, Coolidge refused to be rushed in her longer than usual acceptance speech.

Hurriedly reading from her notes, she said: "Oh s**t, I didn't think this was gonna happen. Hold on, wait, wait, wait wait."

The Emmys made attempted to play her out with their 'Time To Say Goodbye', but Coolidge was determined to finish her speech.

"Wait, hold on, no this is a once in a lifetime thing!" she explained after realising she had run out of time.

Styling it out, Coolidge began to dance and singalong with the not-so-subtle music hints and took victory after successfully completed her acceptance speech.

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