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Jennifer Coolidge refuses to leave stage after winning first Emmy

Jennifer Coolidge refuses to leave stage after winning first Emmy

The Emmys tried to play the actor off the stage after her win but she was having none of it.

Jennifer Coolidge refused to leave the stage after she won her first ever Emmy as the awards show tried to play her off.

It was the biggest moment of her life and The White Lotus star Jennifer Coolidge would not be rushed in her acceptance speech, staying on the stage despite attempts to usher her away.

Coolidge won the Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Limited or Anthology Series or Movie and had a lot of people to thank in her speech. Watch it here:

Of the seven nominees in the category, five actors were up for the award for their parts in The White Lotus, while the other two nominations were for Kaitlyn Dever and Mare Winningham in Dopesick.

However, it was Coolidge who went on to pick up the prestigious award in the end, and insisted on staying on stage until she'd done her whole speech.

After paying tribute to her fellow nominees, she started talking about taking a bath before remembering there was a whole list of people she wanted to thank during her big moment.

Jennifer Coolidge wasn't going to end her Emmy award acceptance speech without thanking everyone.
Television Academy

Hurriedly unwrapping a crumpled piece of paper, she said: "Oh s**t, I didn't think this was gonna happen. Hold on, wait, wait, wait wait."

Running through a whole list of names very quickly, it wasn't long before someone behind the scenes thought she should probably think about wrapping things up.

The Emmys tried to play her out with 'Time To Say Goodbye', but Coolidge kept running through names of people she had to thank.

Realising her time was supposed to be up, she said: "Wait, hold on, no this is a once in a lifetime thing!"

The star styled out the music by dancing along to it instead of getting off the stage.
Television Academy

The award winning star went back to reading out people's names, ignoring the hints being dropped by the farewell music.

Sensing that she still wasn't getting the message, the awards ceremony then tried to switch songs, playing 'Hit the Road, Jack' in the hopes that The White Lotus star would pick up on the subtext.

Still, she stayed on the stage, and instead of leaving as the music appeared to hope that she would, Coolidge instead started dancing along as the crowd laughed.

Eventually, she did leave the stage with her Emmy award in hand, but not before getting through her whole acceptance speech.

Coolidge did eventually take her award and leave the stage to rapturous applause.
Television Academy

People watching the ceremony found the whole thing hilarious, with people calling it a 'truly perfect moment' and praising Coolidge for being 'an actual legend'.

Others were quite annoyed at the decision to try and play the star off with music in the middle of her speech, let alone switch it up to another song to try and get her to leave.

One person said they 'should've seen the audience was into it' and let the award winner have her moment, while another said they were 'stepping on the moment'.

Someone else said whoever tried to get her to leave the stage would be going 'straight to jail', but also thanked them for teeing up Coolidge's 'adorable dance' to the music.

During the Emmys, comedian Jimmy Kimmel was also criticised by some who thought he stole Quinta Brunson's thunder by lying down on stage while she was accepting her award.

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