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Jennifer Coolidge's Golden Globes speech has left people speechless

Jennifer Coolidge's Golden Globes speech has left people speechless

Wait, what did she just say?

Warning: This article contains major spoilers for White Lotus!

Jennifer Coolidge went for laughs, tears, and swears galore in her Golden Globes acceptance speech.

The White Lotus actor took to the stage for a second time on Wednesday (11 January) night to accept the award for Best Supporting Actress in a Limited or Anthology Series or Movie, and was so excited that she accidentally swore on live TV. Take a look:

In her second blunder of the night, Jennifer got a little carried away while gushing over how much love she had for White Lotus creator Mike White, and accidentally spoiled the second season for those who hadn't yet tuned in.

Jennifer, who was best known for her roles in films like Legally Blonde and American Pie before she landed White Lotus, couldn't thank Mike enough for choosing her to play the role of billionaire heiress Tanya McQuoid.

"Mike White has given me hope.You've given me a new beginning, even if this is the end - because you did kill me off, but it doesn't matter!" she said.

"Even if this is the end, you've changed my life in a million different ways. My neighbours are speaking to me, things like that!

"I mean it, I was never invited to one party on my hill, and now everyone's inviting me!"

She continued: "If you don't know Mike White, this is what you should know: He's worried about the world, he's worried about people, he's worried about friends of his that aren't doing well...

"He really is one of the greatest people I've ever- He gives me so much excitement. He makes people want to live longer and I didn't.

Jennifer Coolidge accidentally spoiled White Lotus during her acceptance speech.

"So anyway, I just want to say Mike White, ****, oh **** sorry! Mike, I love you to death."

Earlier in the evening, Jennifer had the audience in stitches once again while presenting the award for Best Performance by a Supporting Actor in a Television Series, when she accidentally said: ""And the Oscar goes to... Oh, no, it's the Golden Globes! The Golden Globe goes to..."

Before the mix-up, Jennifer confessed that she had considered skipping the awards ceremony, for fear she would trip over her dress and 'break her skull', and though she got through the night in one piece, she did manage to give away the show's biggest spoiler on live TV.

Despite the flustered acceptance speech, Mike White was touched by Jennifer's shout-out, and the School Of Rock alum couldn't help but break down in both tears during it.

Three cheers for Ned Schneebly!

Featured Image Credit: NBC

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