Jennette McCurdy shares disturbing email her mum wrote 'disowning' her

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Jennette McCurdy shares disturbing email her mum wrote 'disowning' her

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Former Nickelodeon star Jennette McCurdy has shared a disturbing email she received from her mother telling her she wanted 'nothing to do' with her daughter.

The iCarly actor, who is now 30 years old, opened up about her younger years during an appearance on Jada Pinkett Smith's Red Table Talk following the release of her recent memoir, I'm Glad My Mom Died.

In the book, McCurdy describes alleged abuse she experienced from her mother, Debbie McCurdy, both at home and on set prior to her death in 2013, after she had been diagnosed with cancer.


A clip released from the interview shows McCurdy reading a section from her book in which she'd shared the email from her mother, which she received after seeing a photo of McCurdy on TMZ.

"I am so disappointed in you,'" the actor began. "'You used to be my perfect little angel, but now you are nothing more than a little [all caps] slut, a floozy, all used up. And to think you wasted it on that hideous ogre of a man. I saw the pictures on a website called TMZ. I saw you rubbing his disgusting hairy stomach. I knew you were lying about Colton."

McCurdy explained she had told her mother she was with a friend called Colton at the time, but after seeing the picture Debbie told her daughter to add the aforementioned list of insults to 'a list of things [she was]', including a 'liar, conniving, evil'.

"'You look pudgier too," the email continued. "It's clear you're eating your guilt. "Thinking of you with his ding-dong inside of you makes me sick. Sick! I raised you better than this. What happened to my good little girl? Where did she go, and who is this monster that has replaced her? You're an ugly monster now."

McCurdy received the email from her mother after she saw a picture online. Credit: MediaPunch Inc / Alamy Stock Photo
McCurdy received the email from her mother after she saw a picture online. Credit: MediaPunch Inc / Alamy Stock Photo

The email went on to say that Debbie had told McCurdy's two brothers 'about [her]', saying: "They all said they disown you just like I do. We want nothing to do with you."

Debbie ended the tirade of criticisms with the words 'love, mom', before adding: "Or should I say Deb since I am no longer your mother? PS — send money for a new fridge; ours broke."

McCurdy laughed at the PS note, while Willow Smith repeated the final line in disbelief.

In spite of her mum's claims in the email, McCurdy has previously told The Hollywood Reporter her three older brothers have been 'supportive' and 'understanding' of her decision to speak out about their mother in the book.

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