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Jeffree Star shares photo of him and 'NFL boyfriend' on private jet

Jeffree Star shares photo of him and 'NFL boyfriend' on private jet

This is a case for the FBI.

Jeffree Star has shared a cryptic photo of him and his 'NFL boo' to social media and now fans are desperate to figure out who it is.

The makeup influencer shared the snap on Twitter over the weekend from his private jet, with the caption: "Goodbye LA, time to spend time with my #NFL boo in Wyoming."

Curious fans have been zooming in and analysing the mystery man's Vans trainers and his hand wrapped around Jeffree's.

But so far, no one's been able to narrow it down.

Some fans are convinced that they've figured it out already, but haven't been kind enough to share their theories.

Others are taking a more collaborative approach.

Guesses so far have included Tom Brady (he is newly single, after all), Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers, Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen, and LA Chargers quarterback Justin Herbert.

Who's the mystery 'NFL boo'?

One fan went into unbelievable detail after analysing every single detail of the photo Jeffree posted.

They wrote: "The spot [on his hand] is a mark from an IV, so he’s likely a starter. It’s on his right hand. That plus the legs being crossed to the left, I’d guess he’s left handed. The leg hair is very light. He’s probably blonde/ginger."

They went on: "JS [Jeffree Star] is 6’0 and size 11M shoe so I would guess he’s slightly taller & has a bigger foot. 6’1-6’3. And since that is the Vans Range EXP [shoe], the largest size is a 13M. I would guess it’s a 12 but don’t quote me on that."

Talk about detective work...

Other fans are convinced that the little mark on the mystery man's hand is a birth mark, a mole, or a freckle - but an identifiable feature, nontheless.

Jeffree Star has sent his fans into meltdown over who he's dating.
Image Press Agency / Alamy Stock Photo

Despite all that effort, fans still aren't much closer to figuring out which NFL player the YouTube star might be dating - or if he's really dating one at all.

Before Jeffree sent his 6.4 million followers into a meltdown with this new mystery man, he had been fighting off bizarre rumours that he had been dating Kanye West.

Although Jeffree outright denied claims that he was dating Ye (who was still married to Kim Kardashian at the time), the influencer did hint that lots of other rappers were interested.

"I’m definitely NOT sleeping with Kanye, but the amount of rappers in my DM’s is wilddddd b*tch," he tweeted back in 2021.

"Time to make a hit song in bed [sic]."

So Jeffree is not one to lie about his relationship status, which brings us back to square one... who on earth is Jeffree's mystery man?

Featured Image Credit: @jeffreestar/Twitter/Instagram

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