YouTuber Jeffree Star Defends Slaughtering Yaks In New Video

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YouTuber Jeffree Star Defends Slaughtering Yaks In New Video

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Jeffree Star has published a new video in which he explains his decision to raise yaks for food products.

The YouTuber showed viewers around his ranch in Wyoming in a clip titled ‘The Truth About the Star Yak Ranch’.

In the video, he gave viewers a tour of the Star Yak Ranch along with footage of him grooming the yaks, before discussing the production of yak meat on his farm.

Star has faced a raft of criticism following last month’s announcement that packaged yak meat would be sold through the Star Yak Ranch online store.

The 36-year-old was also questioned as to whether or not the yaks featured on his social media channels would be killed.

The cosmetics mogul addressed the concerns directly and distinguished the differences between the pet yaks he keeps in pastures and the ones that are chosen for slaughter.

The selling of yak meat has been even more surprising to some, given that his cosmetic line is vegan and cruelty-free.

"I don't think city folk understand farming," he said in the video.

"There was a very big misconception when I announced that I was going to sell meat.

"Behind me, these animals are going to be slaughtered tomorrow. They're not halter-trained. They're not named and have normal tags. These yaks are grass-fed only.

"There are zero grains or treats given to our yaks that will become food.

"I had no idea people were uneducated about farming, where meat came from, or even the culture of hunting and providing food for your family.

"It's a whole entire world, and living in Wyoming, I've definitely learned the Wyoming way.

"It may seem a little interesting to some people … that I am raising yaks for breeding, pets, and, yes, raising yaks for food."

The same report, as reported by Insider, revealed that Jeffree Star LLC filed to trademark Star Yak Ranch in categories including butchering services, clothing, and edible pet treats in September 2021.

Starr explained that selling meat products were not part of his initial plans in the video.

He added: "There was never a plan to raise yaks for meat in the beginning. I know some people can't fathom that and want to say I'm a liar.

"I did trademark the Star Yak Ranch for all sorts of things — fiber, breeding, butchering, everything."

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James Hilsum
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