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Jeffree Star shares the staggering amount of money he spends in a day

Jeffree Star shares the staggering amount of money he spends in a day

The YouTuber revealed how much he can spend on a shopping spree

YouTuber Jeffree Star has claimed he can spend a staggering amount of money in just a day or so.

The 37-year-old YouTuber, who rose to fame off the back of a series of makeup tutorial videos, has revealed that he managed to turn that fame into some serious money.

Or at least we hope so considering he's claimed he could spend an absolutely gargantuan amount of money in a day.

YouTubers can make some serious money if their channel gets popular enough, with the site's highest earner being Jimmy 'MrBeast' Donaldson who rakes in tens of millions of dollars with his videos.

He's the highest earning YouTuber out there but there are plenty of other content creators with significant followings who make a decent amount of dough.

@jefreestar/ Instagram

One of these making some money appears to be Jeffree Star, who revealed he could afford to buy plenty of pretty much anything he wanted if he was in the mood for some shopping.

Speaking to the Out and About podcast, Star was directly asked how much money he could spend in a day.

"It depends, when I'm travelling like right now I'm going shopping, I like to have fun," he said.

When directly asked what that sort of 'fun' was supposed to mean the YouTuber responded by throwing out a truly staggering figure.

The YouTuber left a podcast host wide-eyed in surprise after revealing the amount.

He said: "I don't know, if I'm here for a few days maybe half a million dollars."

The podcast host could only stare wide-eyed directly into the camera as a reaction to that.

Star recently ended up on the receiving end of a backlash after describing they/them pronouns as 'bulls**t' on an episode of Taylor Lewan's Bussin with the Boys podcast.

He was asked what he meant, he said: "The 'they' and 'them', and all that extra s**t that we added during the pandemic because everyone was so bored in their f**king houses. They just started to make up more s**t and more stuff.

"That's why the conservatives like me, because I'm just real... you're not 'they' and 'them', you're trans, you're male or you're female. People get so mad when I say that. How are you a ‘they'? What the f**k does that mean?"

"It’s stupid, is what it is. But you need someone like me that looks like me to say it. Because if you say it, it turns into you’re homophobic, you hate trans people, you hate gays, and it’s just how you feel. You don’t hate anyone, you just think it’s stupid."

People brought up Star's past comments on his makeup videos where he said 'gender ambiguity can be found in makeup, fashion, sexual identity, gender identity, anything' and accused him of throwing the LGBTQ+ community 'under the bus if it makes him that bag'.

Featured Image Credit: jeffreestar/Instagram

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