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Jason Luv speaks out about sleeping with co-star Lena the Plug for the first time
Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@thefanbusig

Jason Luv speaks out about sleeping with co-star Lena the Plug for the first time

The adult star made some rather NSFW admissions during the interview

If you’ve ever wondered what goes through an adult star’s mind while filming NSFW scenes, wonder no more.

Jason Luv has spoken about the first time he worked with Lena The Plug in, um, rather intense detail.

During the interview, he also talked about how he compared to his co-star's husband during the risqué scene.

Jason Luv made some rather candid confessions about his co-star.

Appearing on camera for The Fan Base, an Instagram page dedicated to adult stars, Luv also confessed that he thought that he did a better job than Lena’s husband, Adam22.

When asked about this, he jokingly said: “Well obviously yes.”

Luv then went on to explain that he felt that it was different between the two men, as feeling weren’t involved for him.

“I’m pretty sure it probably felt different with Adam for her because love is involved, emotions,” he said.

Luv continued, proudly saying: “As for the physical aspect of getting f**ked, obviously.”

This won’t exactly be music to Lena’s husband's ears, as the No Jumper podcast host has already admitted to feeling slightly jealous of his wife for sleeping with a male co-star for the first time.

Taking to Twitter earlier this month (2 July), Adam, who got married to Lena in May after five years of dating, wrote: "It’s officially been a week since I let my wife do a porn with another guy. I felt a little jealous at first but overall it wasn’t that big a deal.”

However, he was aware of the double standard and added: "She’s watched me sleep with hundreds of girls and it’s never affected our relationship. Sleeping with that gentleman has been amazing for both her career and our business @plugtalkshow!”

Lena The Plug recently filmed Jason with Luv.

Understandably, his post captured the imagination of Twitter users, with many criticising the podcaster.

However, Lena soon spoke up about the backlash in an interview with TMZ.

She said: "I feel bad for him [Adam] because I'm having a lot of positive reaction whilst he's having a lot of negative reaction.

"I'm getting hated too but I do feel like there's a big dump on him.

"I feel like everyone should do what makes them happy as long as they're not hurting anyone.”

Lena then pointedly said: "I've had 200 threesomes with him and women. Is that a simp?”

As for the man in question, Adam22 also spoke about his now infamous tweet during the latest episode of his podcast.

He told listeners: “Having seen how viral it went, it’s kind of insane that I would ever have like potentially stood in the way of you doing this just because this has obviously been such an amazing thing for your career as well as mine… just like the money I’ve made off of talking about this on Youtube and Snapchat has been kind of ridiculous.”

We guess there are many ways to make a marriage work.

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