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Adult star Lena the Plug defends husband after he was called a ‘simp’ for letting her film scene with another guy
Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@freelenatheplug

Adult star Lena the Plug defends husband after he was called a ‘simp’ for letting her film scene with another guy

The adult star has come to her husband's defense

An adult star has hit back at critics who have branded her husband a 'simp' for allowing her to sleep with other men.

Lena The Plug has defended her hubby Adam22's honor by insisting that he's the 'opposite of a simp'.

Lena has defended her husband after he allowed her to sleep with Jason Luv (pictured).

For anybody who's not in the know, a 'simp' is a man who is seen as being submissive to a woman.

This comes after Lena recently filmed her first scene with fellow adult star Jason Luv, however, this left her husband in the firing line.

According to Lena, there's a double standard at play as she and Adam have had 'hundreds' of threesomes with other women and nobody criticised them for that.

Talking to TMZ outside a grocery store, she said: "I feel bad for him [Adam] because I'm having a lot of positive reaction whilst he's having a lot of negative reaction.

"I'm getting hated too but I do feel like there's a big dump on him.

"He can handle it, he's a big boy.

"I feel like everyone should do what makes them happy as long as they're not hurting anyone.

"There's way weirder sexual things out there than what we currently have going on."

Lena continued: "I've had 200 threesomes with him and women. Is that a simp?

"Someone who's been given all of this sexual experience and I get one guy and it's like a big deal?"

Lena and Adam got married earlier this year.

The couple had been in a relationship for over five years before finally getting married in May this year.

They host a podcast together called Plug Talk Podcast in which they interview a woman and then hook up with her.

So Lena getting with another man is seemingly a first in their relationship.

Adam admitted on social media that he'd initially felt some jealousy about Lena's tryst with Jason.

He wrote: "It’s officially been a week since I let my wife do a porn with another guy. I felt a little jealous at first but overall it wasn’t that big a deal.

"She’s watched me sleep with hundreds of girls and it’s never affected our relationship. Sleeping with that gentleman has been amazing for both her career and our business @plugtalkshow!

"Overall I’m glad we did it and I’m happy to report her vagina has returned to its original pre-BBC size."

Doesn't that just give you the warm and fuzzy feelings inside?

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