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Jane Fonda says Jennifer Lopez never apologized for slapping her that 'cut her open'

Jane Fonda says Jennifer Lopez never apologized for slapping her that 'cut her open'

The actor claimed that J-Lo has not yet said sorry for breaking her skin

Jane Fonda, 85, has claimed that Jennifer Lopez, 53, never apologised for the slap that 'cut her open'.

The Barbarella star recently spoke up about the incident that apparently took place when the pair were working together on the hit 2005 rom-com, Monster-in-Law.

And, according to Fonda, the 'Jenny from the Block' singer allegedly never said sorry after breaking her skin that fateful day.

Jane Fonda has claimed that Jennifer Lopez never apologised for the slap that 'cut her open'.
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The movie in question follows the character of Charlotte (Lopez) who, after several disastrous blind dates, finally finds the man of her dreams.

However, his mother, Viola (played by Fonda) goes to great lengths to ruin their relationship.

The mother-in-law from hell continuously plots against and tortures her potential daughter-in-law all in a desperate attempt to stop her from marrying her son.

Joining the two stars in the flick included the likes of Adam Scott (Parks and Recreation), Wanda Sykes (Evan Almighty) and Michael Vartan (Never Been Kissed).

Definitely the most memorable moment from the romcom, the two characters end up getting into a full-blown physical fight just before the fateful wedding.

Fonda in Monster-in-Law.
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The particularly tense scene showed the pair come to fisticuffs when shooting what went on to be hailed as one of the most iconic slaps in Hollywood.

In a recent interview on The Drew Barrymore Show, Fonda revealed that the staged slap didn't end up going quite according to plan.

She told Barrymore: "The thing that comes to mind right away [for Monster-in-Law] is we have a slapping scene. I slap her, she slaps me."

The Grace and Frankie star continued: "Well, Jennifer – as per Jennifer – she had this enormous diamond ring.

"And so, when she slapped me one of the times, it cut open across my eye, my eyebrow."

Talk about method acting.

Fonda added: "You know, she's never apologized."

Fonda claimed J-Lo 'never apologised' for the incident.
The Drew Barrymore Show/CBS

However, it seems that J-Lo remembers it all different.

Back in 2019, Lopez opened up about the scene and how she was 'afraid' to slap the living Hollywood legend.

In a YouTube video uploaded to her channel titled 'I REACT to Monster-In-Law,' the singer claimed: "I was so afraid to hit Jane Fonda in the face or hurt her in any way, really.

"Her character was very much like her, and my character at the time was very much like me. I was so afraid of her and she was so brave and like, 'Just hit me. Don't worry about it, it's going to be fine'."

While she did confirm that she gave Fonda a 'blood blister' near her eye, she revealed that she immediately said sorry for the accident.

"I was mortified," Lopez recalled, "I was like, 'Oh, so sorry.' And she was like, 'It's fine. It's fine'."

UNILAD has reached out to Lopez's reps for comment.

Featured Image Credit: CBS/Entertainment Films

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