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Bam Margera’s brother says Jackass star is ‘dying’ and there’s nothing he can do

Bam Margera’s brother says Jackass star is ‘dying’ and there’s nothing he can do

Jess Margera, brother of the Jackass star Bam, has given a heartbreaking update about the TV personality on Instagram

Bam Margera’s brother has expressed how worried he is about the Jackass star in a new Instagram post.

The TV prankster, 43, went on the run after he allegedly attacked his brother Jess at the family home, sparking concern with his former castmates and sibling.

Since then, Jess has updated fans about the ongoing situation, telling them that the stuntman is ‘dying’ and ‘there’s nothing he can do about it’.


Fears for the pro-skater began after reports emerged of a domestic disturbance at the family home in Philadelphia.

According to court documents, Margera allegedly kicked open the bedroom door before punching his brother, Jess, in the eye, nose and ear in the kitchen.

An affidavit also said that he’d left a threatening hand-written letter for his bother, which allegedly read: "If you even f**king think of calling the police on me, I will officially f**k you up."

Pennsylvania State Police responded to the incident around 11.00am, before issuing an arrest warrant for the Jackass star – charging him with assault, harassment and four counts of terroristic threat.

Although Bam had been on the run, the TV personality turned himself in and said he is suing his brother for defamation.

The stuntman went on the run after a domestic disturbance at the family home.
Instagram/Bam Margera

Jess, a drummer with the rock band CKY, has spoken about the disturbance in a series of tweets and seems to confirm the lawsuit.

He wrote: “I might have permanent hearing damage from bams desperate lame a** little “attack” while I was making coffee. If that’s the case all of my bands upcoming touring income he will be sued for and I will f***ing win. I’m not a fun enemy to have.”

The musician then added that he would donate the funds to ‘mental health programs’.

He also made similar comments on Instagram, alleging that his brother has an addiction to meth – which has led to Bam’s health declining in recent years.

"Seeing him screaming @ [at] a person that wasn't there, hallucinating. It's really scary and heartbreaking," he told fans.

Jess shared an update about the Jackass star.
Instagram/Jess Margera

In another heart-breaking post on Instagram, he told fans that the TV personality was ‘dying’ as he shared a black and white photo of them together.

The caption read: “I hope none of you have to hurt as much as me right now. He is dying, and there is nothing I can do about it.”

Featured Image Credit: Joe Martinez / PictureLux / Alamy/ Instagram/Jess Margera

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