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Grimes shares rare photo of daughter Exa Dark Sideræl Musk

Grimes shares rare photo of daughter Exa Dark Sideræl Musk

The singer is very proud of her daughter's reading habits

Grimes has shared rare photo of her daughter, Exa Dark Sideræl Musk.

The singer, real name Claire Boucher, posted a snap of her nine-month-old baby reaching out for a book.

But while most of us would have been getting stuck into a Mr Men story or The Jolly Postman at that age, Exa is seen grabbing 'The Birth of Tragedy' by famed German philosopher Nietzsche.

So not a light read.

Posting the pic on Twitter, Grimes said: "My daughter is dancing to techno over this copy of the birth of tragedy by nietzsche - what a queen."

Underneath the photo, the 34-year-old also added that her little girl has a penchant for a German DJ, adding: "She loves Boris Brejcha omg she’s so hardcore haha."

Earlier this year, Grimes announced that she and Tesla boss Elon Musk had welcomed Exa into the world in December 2021 via a surrogate. 

The couple also have a two-year-old son, X Æ A-12, which is pronounced Ex Ash A Twelve, though, due to local laws, they had to change it slightly to X Æ A-Xii, using Roman numerals.

The musician's latest post comes after she shared a photo of her following a mystery surgery.

Grimes has never been one to shy away from all things weird and wonderful.

Regularly taking album, outfit and makeup inspiration from the world of fantasy - it's no wonder that fans are speculating that the 'Genesis' singer has taken her latest body modification that one step further.

Grimes posted a mysterious photo of her recently.

Taking to Twitter last Saturday (17 September), Grimes posted a snap of her bandaged face with the caption: "I did smthn crazy!"

Unsurprisingly, the snap sent her fans into meltdown, with many wondering what on earth she had done now.

Many were convinced Grimes had gotten 'elf ears' after she'd previously described that as a 'quest' of hers.

Dozens wanted to share their support for Grimes' latest update, with one Twitter user writing: "I'm ready for Grimes' elf ears era!"

"Grimes' elf ears making everything a little more OK," a second added.

A third wrote: "Grimes got elf ears and I'm kinda jealous..."

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Featured Image Credit: @grimes/Instagram/@Grimezsz/Twitter

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