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Gigi Paris confirms split with Glen Powell after Sydney Sweeney viral video drama

Gigi Paris confirms split with Glen Powell after Sydney Sweeney viral video drama

She confirmed she has split with the Top Gun: Maverick star with a simple social media post after his controversy with Sydney Sweeney.

Gigi Paris has confirmed she has now split up with Glen Powell after a controversial clip of her now ex-boyfriend and Euphoria star Sydney Sweeney went viral.

The model took to Instagram on Wednesday (April 26) to share a video of her walking the streets of New York City alone in what looks to be one very hot revenge outfit.

The caption alongside the clip was even more telling, reading: "Know your worth and onto the next."

And she doesn't follow Powell on social media anymore, so we guess that's it.

Good for you, girl.

According to Page Six, Gigi Paris used to follow Sweeney on Instagram - the model having once commented on one of Sweeney's posts - but has recently stopped.

Some social media users speculated the unfollowing occurred because the Euphoria star and Powell are not only romantically involved on screen, but in real life too.

This comes after Sweeney posted pictures of her and her co-star and a video also went viral of the pair.

The video shows the pair on the sofa, Powell supporting Sweeney's back as she performs a backbend - the pair both laughing at one another.

Sweeney has also uploaded photographs of the pair on trips out - such as to the zoo - on her Instagram.

"NEW SHIP," one Instagram user said.

A video of the pair has gone viral online.
Twitter/ @SSydneyBest

Another wrote: "You and Glen are literally the cutest."

"Already shipping Glydney (Glen&Sydney)," a third added.

Sweeney and Powell - who starred in Top Gun: Maverick - are currently filming in Australia for an untitled upcoming rom-com directed by Will Gluck.

And now, in a recent clip uploaded by Sony Pictures, the pair have been interviewing each other about the film on the red carpet.

"The whole experience was absolutely incredible," Sweeney gushed. "It was so much fun."

The Devotion actor said they got to 'literally take over Australia' because of the support from the tourism board.

"There was one day where we literally took over the Sydney Opera House and that was pretty epic - and Barack Obama watched us film the scene," Powell added.

"That was pretty memorable."

The Euphoria star said: "Glen landed a helicopter and jumped out of it - it was really cool."

TMZ put a lid on speculation surrounding the on-screen couple, saying that 'multiple sources with knowledge' confirmed that Sweeney is still with her fiancé Jonathan Davino and is NOT dating Powell.

So there you go.

Either way, Gigi Paris was having absolutely none of it.

And now she's free from all the drama, so make of that what you will.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@msgigiparis. TikTok/@sonypictures.

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