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Passenger goes viral after trying to work out who mystery celebrity on plane was

Passenger goes viral after trying to work out who mystery celebrity on plane was

One jet-setter has sent the internet into a frenzy after not knowing who the celebrity sat next to her on a plane was

One passenger has gone viral after trying to work out who the mystery celebrity sat next to her on a plane was.

The clueless jet-setter was tirelessly racking her brain in a hopes she's figure out the identity of the A-lister aboard the same flight of her and took to the internet to get help solving the conundrum.

The woman popped the question to TikTok and it has since sent the internet into a total frenzy. Check it out:

Influencer Paige Craig took to TikTok to ask her 1.1 million followers with some assistance putting a name to a well-known face.

The short clip showed her on board the plane before panning to a celebrity who she was 'took scared' to pop the awkward question to.

"Can someone tell me who this man is because people keep taking pics with him and I'm too scared to ask him who he is," the overlay text read.

The caption added: "Other information - he speaks Spanish and is a very nice man. Thank you for your service."

The TikTok has since gone viral after clocking up more than a staggering 30.4 million views since it was posted last week.

With over 40k comments, it's clear the internet rolled out in its masses to offer up their 'service' to Paige.

The majority of comments alerted the TikToker to the celebrity status of the man in question who was - drum roll please - Eugenio Derbez.

The influencer took to TikTok for help in cracking the mystery.

The Mexican actor, 61, is best known for his roles in the Oscar-winning movie CODA alongside How to Be a Latin Lover.

One TikTok user commented: "That’s Eugenio Derbez he speaks English don’t be shy talk to him."

"He is like the Mexican Jim Carey," wrote a second.

A third informed: "That’s Eugenio Derbez!!! He was in Instructions Not Included, Under The Same Moon, and CODA which won Best Picture at the Oscars last year."

A final TikTok user penned: "This post makes me giggle. It’s the perfect way to ask without 'asking'. Love it!"

Responding to the comment, Paige replied: "Too scared to ask one individual so I ask the internet."

And, leaving the internet to do its thing, it wasn't long before the celeb in question caught light of the TikTok and got involved himself.

A day after the original TikTok call-out was posted, Paige uploaded a follow-up explaining: "Sat next to this guy on the airplane and people kept asking him for pictures.

The celeb in question has since responded to the viral TikTok.

"I did the only logical thing and asked TikTok assuming he would never know I did this."

She then stitched a video of Derbez directly responding to the viral clip on his story.

He says: "Hi Paige, let me introduce myself. My name is Eugenio Derbez and I'm basically an actor and director."

The actor then showed his fans a compilation of clips from him starring in his biggest roles before spinning Paige's question right back onto her.

"Now," he said. "Can someone tell me who this girl is?"

"Because people keep following her, she has more than one million followers on TikTok."

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@_paigecraig

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