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People praise Eminem's 'forgotten' daughter as she appears on Hailie's podcast

People praise Eminem's 'forgotten' daughter as she appears on Hailie's podcast

Fans want her to be a regular on the popular podcast.

Eminem's daughter Hailie Jade is very much in the public eye, but few people know that he's got another daughter who is comparatively out of the limelight.

Alaina Marie Mathers, 29, keeps a low profile despite being mentioned in a few of Slim Shady's songs as 'Lainey' - but she recently broke her silence and appeared on her younger sister's podcast series.

She appeared on the just a little shady podcast alongside Hailie, 26, just a few days ago, with Hailie admitting that the sisters 'didn't always get along.'

"As soon as we didn't live in the same house, it just worked out better," Hailie said.

This prompted Alaina, who was adopted by Eminem, 50, and his ex-wife Kim Scott, 47, in the mid-noughties, to joke: "It only took 18 years."

The pair then delved into their lives together and explained that they grew up together, but Alaina moved out when she was 18, something that Hailie described as 'the best thing for us'.

Alaina explained that she went to college after moving out, but left and then went to beauty school and dropped out again, before finally managing to get a degree at Oakland.

Eminem's 'forgotten' daughter reflected on her life so far.
YouTube/just a little shady podcast

She said of her thought process at the time: "I can go here and get a degree in Communication and a double minor in PR and Advertising."

Eminem's daughter then revealed that she has done 'a little bit' of work social media since then and has her own book club.

"I work as a receptionist," she said of her 'everyday' job. "So customer service kind of stuff."

Reflecting on her education struggles, she said she was only 18 and therefore it made sense that she didn't know what she wanted to do with her life.

Alaina went down a storm with fans of the podcast, who flooded the comments section with praise for Eminem's 'forgotten' daughter, who they found refreshingly down to earth.

"Please Alaina is so entertaining. Can we have her on here more?" asked one fan.

A second added: "You can tell their parents raised them so well. Love this sister relationship."

"Loved this, you're so humble and normal," wrote a third. "Let's appreciate normal celebrity kids, lot of love from me."

"I'd love to see a podcast with your parents they have clearly mastered co-parenting," wrote a fourth while a fifth added: "Having Lanie on the show was refreshing."

Fans of Eminem praised Alaina for being 'refreshingly down to earth'.

But a sixth couldn't help but write: "Just imagine if she brought her dad onto the podcast that would be legendary!"

Alaina revealed that she's now going back to school for a four-month program in beauty and is preparing to tie the knot - so she is very much a busy bee despite her comparatively normal life.

"I'm not scared to go," she said of returning to school. "The more you know, the you know. It's awesome to know more stuff."

You can listen to the full podcast here.

Featured Image Credit: just a little shady podcast/YouTube/@eminem/Instagram

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