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Eminem's daughter Hailie nearly got married without letting her dad know
Featured Image Credit: Insta / Hailie Jade / Everett Collection Inc / Alamy Stock Photo

Eminem's daughter Hailie nearly got married without letting her dad know

Hailie and her fiancé threw an engagement party a few weeks ago to celebrate their happy news

Eminem’s daughter Hailie has admitted she nearly got married without letting anyone know, having floated the idea with her fiancé of getting 'surprise married'.

Hailie Jade Scott – Eminem's daughter with Kimberly Scott – announced in February that she’d got engaged to boyfriend Evan McClintock, sharing a series of photos on Instagram.

She wrote: "Casual weekend recap... 2.4.23 I love you @evanmcclintock11."

While the comments section saw many of her fans share their congratulations, it was also inevitably filled with quotes from her famous father’s music – with many wondering what it must have been like for McClintock to get Eminem's blessing.

Would the surprise wedding have gone down well with Eminem?
Everett Collection Inc / Alamy Stock Photo

"Did he pass the freestyle test tho?" one person joked, as another added: "I wonder if knees were weak and his arms were heavy."

Someone else quipped: "Best not break your heart. That’ll be a diss track waiting to happen.”

Scott has now been able to officially celebrate her engagement with family and friends, having recently hosted a party in Detroit, Michigan.

Reflecting on the big bash – which happened on 29 April – in an episode of her podcast Just a Little Shady, the bride-to-be spoke about the ‘eventful’ week leading up to the event.

The couple even decided to have professional engagement photos taken before the party, with Scott admitting it left her feeling a little stressed.

But overall, she said the day was ‘a lot of fun’ and ‘perfect’.

Scott said their party was 'perfect'.

While Scott said it made her feel a little more at ease about the prospect of organising a wedding, she admitted at one point she’d been tempted to sack it all off and get ‘surprise married’ instead.

She explained: “I joked several times like, ‘Should we just surprise get married?’

“And Evan was like, ‘What the hell are you talking about? You are nuts?’

“So we obviously didn’t do it.”

But even though they didn’t go ahead with the idea, many of their loved ones has suspected they may have done.

Scott continued: “But all throughout the night, people were like, ‘Yeah, we thought you were gonna surprise get married!’

“Multiple people said it.”

She said even McClintock's sister had thought it, adding: “I wasn’t crazy, it was an actual thought amongst people, but we still have something to look forward to so I’m glad we didn’t.

Scott spoke about the party on her podcast Just a Little Shady.
YouTube/podcast Just a Little Shady

“But I also feel like it kind of takes the pressure now a little bit off the actual wedding, whenever it happens.

“I feel a little relieved because I’m like, ‘Well, I got a lot of good pictures, and I already had an event that could have been a wedding’. So it’s cool with me.

“It was just a really good time though, I was happy we did it.”

McClintock previously revealed on the podcast that he had reached out to Eminem first before asking for Scott's hand.

"Over the holidays, I was looking for an opportunity not to make it too obvious," he said.

Luckily for him, his future father-in-law was totally on board with the pair tying the knot.

"I saw your dad go downstairs, and I'm like, 'I gotta do it right now, or I'm not doing it today, and I'm gonna have to schedule another time,'" he continued.

"So I just followed him downstairs, and, thankfully, he was just down there getting your cake and made it happen."

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