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Drake places 7 bets on the Super Bowl risking nearly $1 million

Drake places 7 bets on the Super Bowl risking nearly $1 million

One Dance rapper Drake has made seven ‘psychotic’ bets on this weekend’s Super Bowl - totalling nearly a million dollars.

While many of us are counting every penny, Drake has placed seven ‘psychotic’ bets on this weekend’s Super Bowl - totalling nearly a million dollars.

Though Philadelphia Eagles are the favourites to win the tournament, the rapper has backed Kanas City Chiefs - with each bet being worth an average of $40,000 (£33,200).

However, he may be doing more than 'One Dance' if he wins, as the rapper could gain up to $3.57 million (£2.9 million) in prize money.

Drake is known for his large bets.
Sam Kovak/Alamy Stock Photo

Taking to Instagram, the 'Hotline Bling' rapper boasted about his bets as he shared multiple receipts from gambling app Stake.

In the caption, he wrote: “My psychotic bets for Sunday are in @stake pls do not analyze the logic behind these bets there is none”.

While Philadelphia leads the odds by 1.5, Drake has wagered more than $700,000 (£580,000) that Kanas Chiefs will take home the cup - this is despite the 'Laugh Now Cry Later' singer previously stating that the Seattle Seahawks were his team.

The rapper has previously spoken about his love of the Seahawks.
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After attending a practise session during his 2013 tour, Drake told press: “Today was definitely one of my dreams come true. I’m a newer Seahawks fan, but I’m still a Seahawks fan.”

In addition to backing another team, Drake has bet $50,000 (£41,000) on both Patrick Mahomes and Juju Smith-Schuster to be the first player to score a touchdown for the Chiefs.

He also put $50,000 on the Chiefs scoring in both halves of the game, and $30,000 (£24,800) on the team winning every quarter.

The odds may not be in his favour though, with Drake’s final bets.

Drake has back Cheifs despite the Eagles being the favourites.
Newscom/Alamy Stock Photo

According to TMZ, the Canadian rapper has pledged $25,000 (£20,700) on Chiefs' tight end Travis Kelce to be the game’s MVP.

Drake also bet $60,00 (£49,700) that Most Valuable Player award would go to a tight end – something that has never happened in Super Bowl.

However, the rapper won’t be feeling too sorry for himself if he loses the MVP wager as he took home $2m last month after he bet $1m on Chiefs defeating the Cincinnati Bengals during the AFC Championship.

Drake also likes to bet on soccer.
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He's not so lucky with other sports though, as Drake lost an eye watering $1m on during the Qatar World Cup last year.

Nevertheless, this is nothing compared to how much is bet on the Super Bowl annually, with the American Gaming Association estimating that more than $16m (£13.2m) has been bet on the this year’s tournament alone.

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