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Drake loses $1 million bet on Argentina winning World Cup due to last minute goal

Drake loses $1 million bet on Argentina winning World Cup due to last minute goal

The rapper bet on the right side to win, just not like this. And it cost him big time.

Drake has lost an eye-watering $1 million after he bet on Argentina to win the World Cup.

What's that you say? Argentina did win the Qatar 2022 World Cup, so what's the issue?

Well, the Canadian rapper bet that they would win in normal time.

Argentina was up 3-2 against France in the dying stages of extra time in the final and France's Kylian Mbappé found the back of the net at the 118th minute to level the scores.

Unfortunately for Drake - real name Aubrey Graham - the intense final came to an end after it went into penalties.

The final score was 3-3, but Argentina won 4-2 on penalties.


Lionel Messi could be seen crying tears of joy at the result and we can only assume tears were also flowing at Drake's house, too (but for an entirely different reason).

Seriously, has anyone phoned for an ambulance? Because that one is a massive burn for poor old Drakey-boy.

Drake announced the mammoth bet in a short clip uploaded to social media.

"I'll take Argentina, he'll take France. That will be a vibe," Drake said in the clip with Swedish casino streamer Ishmael Swartz, also known as Roshtein.

People on social media were quick to rub salt in the wounds of both Drake and Roshtein.

One Instagram user commented: "That aged well."

A second added: "Nooooo. You just lost a million. In the first kick live you did I said in the chat that I was going to be Argentine champion."

A third commented: "Sorry. It’s hard losing a mil just like that."

Some fans held fears that Argentina could fall victim to the 'Drake curse', however it seems Messi's fancy feet are too powerful for even the forces of the rapper's powers.

The 'Drake curse' is basically a phenomenon that some people believe happens when Drake supports an athlete or team before a big sporting fixture.

Whether it's wearing a jersey, posing for a photo or, in this case, placing a bet and sending them a message of encouragement, it doesn't usually end well for whoever Drake supports.

It's a real thing, and it's taken so seriously that A.S. Roma players were banned from taking photos or interacting with the the Canadian rapper back in 2019.

We're assuming the social media post was a joke, but you can never really be sure with sport and superstition.

Featured Image Credit: The Photo Access / Alamy. A Images / Alamy.

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