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Crowd chants 'F*ck Hailey Bieber' during Justin Bieber’s surprise performance

Crowd chants 'F*ck Hailey Bieber' during Justin Bieber’s surprise performance

This is all getting a bit much.

This Hailey Bieber/Selena Gomez drama has gone about ten steps too far, and even fans agree it's not funny anymore.

That's after Justin Bieber made a surprise appearance at last week's Rolling Loud Festival, only to be met with chants of 'F*ck Hailey Bieber' coming from the crowd.

It was a big deal for Justin to come out and surprise fans during Don Toliver's set - particularly since Justin had just cancelled the remainder of his Justice World Tour a week earlier.

So, to be met with hateful chants about his wife was probably not what he was expecting:

The Hailey Bieber hate has been explosive on TikTok in recent weeks, after users built theories that the model and influencer had been copying Justin's ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez for years.

The two girls are constantly pitted against each other due to their relationships with Justin, but things have been particularly nasty as of late.

It started with fans of Selena accusing Hailey of making fun of the Disney Channel star after a fat-shaming incident.

Although Hailey denied she was making fun of anyone and even Selena herself assured people there was no bad blood between them, fans didn't buy it.

Can we wrap this drama up, please?

Since then, old tweets from Hailey about Justin and Selena have resurfaced, as well as a video of Hailey pretending to gag at the very mention of Taylor Swift's name (Selena's bff, if you weren't in the know).

It all goes a whole lot deeper, but you can turn to the people of TikTok for that because I'm honestly exhausted by this whole mess.

It wasn't long before Selena decided to take a break from social media, claiming that she was getting 'too old' for the 'silly' online drama.

She has since returned to TikTok, followers will be glad to hear, but she did post a PSA to fans.

In a comment under her latest beauty tutorial video, she wrote: "Please, please be kinder and consider others mental health. My heart has been heavy and I only want good for everyone. All my love."

Selena has asked fans to tone it down.

I guess some people didn't get Selena's memo, because then came the 'F*ck Hailey Bieber' chants.

When a video of the jarring moment was posted to social media, most viewers agreed that the drama had gone way too far.

"How old are y’all???" commented one viewer.

"I'm Team Selena but good God these people are stretching it," wrote another.

A third pointed out: "I understand that everyone hates Hailey, but doing this during his performance??"

I hope we can all now agree that this has gone far enough. Please, please let that be the end of it.

Featured Image Credit: @dvnnvt/TikTok

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