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Chilling Unsolved Case Of Scarface Star Who Vanished Aged 18

Chilling Unsolved Case Of Scarface Star Who Vanished Aged 18

Tammy Leppert was last seen in Florida in 1983

Scarface actor Tammy Leppert went missing when she was just 18 years old in 1983, and nearly 30 years later the case of her disappearance is yet to be solved.

Tammy, who was also known for being a beauty queen, vanished from Cocoa Beach, Florida on 6 July, 1983, before she had chance to carry out her plans of moving to Hollywood to continue her acting career.

Police were left completely baffled at her disappearance, with no clues and no concrete suspects in the case to help determine what had happened to her. Tammy's body was never found, but neither was proof of life.

Tammy went missing in 1983.
My missing sister Tammy Leppert/Facebook

The teenager's disappearance came after her family noticed she had begun to behave strangely, and when her mum confronted her Tammy explained she had 'seen something awful, that [she] was not supposed to see'. She refused to elaborate, insisting 'they' would come after her if she did.

Tammy continued to become more reclusive and in 1983 ended up quitting her role in Scarface after suffering a breakdown while watching a scene in which artificial blood spurted out of a character who was supposed to have been shot.

Five days before her disappearance, Tammy accused Wing Flannagan, who had lived with her and her mum from the age of 11, of looking at her, after which she lashed out by hitting him. The following day she checked into a mental health centre, where she stayed until observation for 72 hours.

After being discharged, Tammy arranged to meet her best friend, Rick Adams, and later told him she loved him and that she may be away for a while. She met another friend, Keith Roberts, the next day, but when they got into a fight she allegedly demanded to be dropped off in downtown Cocoa Beach, five miles from her house.

No suspects have been identified in Tammy's disappearance.
My missing sister Tammy Leppert/Facebook

She attempted to call her aunt's nearby costume shop three times, but failed to get through as her aunt was out of town. Tammy has not been seen since.

Though police have not identified any suspects, some have speculated her disappearance could be connected to serial killer Christopher Wilder, who murdered at least eight or nine girls before being shot dead by police in 1984, or convicted kidnapper and sex offender John Crutchley.

Tammy's sister, Suzanne, paid a tribute to her sister on Facebook on her birthday in February, saying she 'will never quit' looking for her as long as she lives.

"I pray this is the year we will find out what happened to you. It has been too long not knowing what happened to you." she wrote.

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Featured Image Credit: The Charley Project/Universal Pictures

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