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Charlize Theron branded Steven Seagal an 'incredibly overweight' fraud after seeing his fight scenes

Charlize Theron branded Steven Seagal an 'incredibly overweight' fraud after seeing his fight scenes

Charlize Theron wasn't impressed with Steven Seagal's fighting scenes

Charlize Theron once branded Steven Seagal a 'fraud' after identifying the martial art fighting scenes of the 'incredibly overweight' actor.

Hollywood is known for feuds, spilling teas and never-ending gossip - here, we are talking about another one.

However, this time it's not Kim Kardashian and Kanye's divorce case or the biggest fashion faux pas at the 2023 Met Gala, but a skewered comment about an incredibly famous actor.

Charlize Theron, who prefers to prep for her action scenes in advance roles, once said that she wasn't 'impressed' with videos of Steven Seagal fighting during Aikido - a Japanese martial art tournament around the world.

Charlize Theron branded Steven Seagal as an 'incredibly overweight fraud'.
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The criticism came back in 2020 during an appearance of the promotion of Theron's movie The Old Guard on The Howard Stern Show, in which she labelled Seagal's fighting scenes as a 'whole setup'.

Seagal, on the other hand, asserted that he has a black belt in karate.

"When I make a movie like this, at night, I’ll go online just to watch fighters or watch people fight. You always come across that odd Seagal video of him fighting in Japan, but he really isn’t," Theron said.

"He’s just incredibly overweight and pushing people. He’s overweight, and he barely fights. Look it up. It’s ridiculous. He’s just shoving people in the face. It’s like a whole setup."

In the scathing interview, Theron went on to explain that she doesn't have any problem talking s**t about the actor, only because he is 'not very nice to women'.

She said: "I have no problem talking s**t about him because he's not very nice to women, so f**k you."

Steven Seagal has asserted that he has a black belt in karate.
Nasso Productions

Seagal has been accused of sexual assault and sexual harassment in the past, although the actor has strongly denied all accusations made against him.

Segal's attorney, Anthony Falangetti, also denied the allegations in a statement to USA Today, saying: "The allegations that have been made against Mr. Seagal are false and have no substantive material support.

"The accounts of both women are completely fictitious and totally made up. The allegations are a disservice to women who are victimized because of real predators in the film industry."

UNILAD has attempted to contact a rep for Seagal for comment.

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