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Britney Spears fans seriously concerned over bizarre string of Instagram posts

Britney Spears fans seriously concerned over bizarre string of Instagram posts

The singer has also changed her name on the platform

Britney Spears has left fans concerned after sharing a series of bizarre Instagram posts and changing her name on the platform.

Spears fans will know it's not at all unusual for the singer to share clips of herself dancing and posing for the camera on the platform, with her feed full of similar videos filmed in her home.

Yesterday (5 November), she took to her account to share another of these videos, wearing white boots and a crop top as she stepped back and forth in front of the camera.

Many fans responded with confusion to Spears' post.

Alongside the clip, she wrote: "Ok this is the same shirt I danced in yesterday … I modeled this top and you can’t really tell, but if you look closely there are tiny white baby butterflies on the sleeves ... The lace is so fine … it was actually extremely expensive … the most I’ve paid for a top in a long time … well because it’s so expensive I took advantage and danced in it too.

"But when I looked back at the footage I didn’t understand with me just wearing it as an outfit and not dancing or trying at all, my body is 10 times smaller not dancing … I know it sounds stupid but if you have eyes it’s pretty damn clear … I wonder why??? This is the version WITH MUSIC NO DANCING."

Apparently wanting to get the most out of the video, Spears then shared it again with white noise playing over the top, explaining: "This is me with no MUSIC OR DANCING Psss … so weird that I look like one of SNOW WHITE and the 7 dwarfs … I’m the only girl of course."

Her following three posts were all stills taken from the video, featuring the same image edited with different filters.

Some fans have speculated other people may be controlling Spears' Instagram page.

The still-image posts all arrived within the same hour, and she hasn't posted anything since.

The activity on her page has prompted many fans to share their concerns for the singer, with some people suggesting someone else may be behind her account.

"Someone on the team is playing with our homegirls account," one fan wrote, while another commented: "This is her old house. These videos and images aren't recent. WHO'S USING HER INSTAGRAM?"

"This makes me so sad and worried for her," a third person wrote.

The posts come a few weeks after Spears changed her name on Instagram to 'Channel 8', leaving fans questioning what the name was in reference to.

Some speculated that it may be a hint at a new album, with six years having passed since she released her ninth album, Glory, in 2016.

Featured Image Credit: @britneyspears/Instagram

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