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Fans concerned as Britney Spears suddenly bursts into tears while dancing in new Instagram video

Fans concerned as Britney Spears suddenly bursts into tears while dancing in new Instagram video

The singer later uploaded the same video a second time

Britney Spears fans have expressed their concern for the singer after she burst into tears while spinning and dancing in one of her latest Instagram videos.

The 40-year-old has posted a number of videos showing off her dance moves recently, but it was one video in particular this week that left people encouraging Spears to 'keep smiling'.

Spears was dressed in a white crop top and black shorts in the clip, in which she span around in a dance studio, initially smiling at the camera. About halfway through the clip though, Spears put her hands over her face and started biting her lip as her eyes filled with tears.

See the clip below:

Spears continued dancing in spite of her tears, and after uploading the video to Instagram she admitted it had 'been a while since [she'd] cried on camera'.

In a bid to get ahead of any speculation, she added: "It’s not a breakdown a**holes, it’s a release that I’ve needed for a very long time now !!! Spiritual experience for sure !!! I think I need to do that way more !!! Psss… bawling."

Spears re-uploaded another version of the video the following day with the same caption, adding: "here’s the much brighter edit !!! I decided to leave both up to see the difference !"

Though the 'Toxic' singer is clearly fine with having people see her cry, fans have expressed concern after she posted the video, with one responding to say she had been acting 'strange lately'.

"This is alarming. She’s desperate for help. Somebody needs to help her," another Instagram user wrote, while a third commented: "ANOTHER REPOST... I know her fans are going to hate me for this but these are Cries For help."

Other viewers have been more defensive of Spears' post, arguing that it's healthy to cry and share her vulnerability.

One fan responded: "You have me crying! There’s nothing more powerful than releasing."

Another wrote: "Do whatever you need to heal yourself, Britney. You deserve it!"

Spears' husband, Sam Asghari, is among those who have expressed support for singer as he commented: "Vulnerability=strength=lioness."

Asghari and Spears married in June of this year after announcing their engagement in September 2021. The couple met in 2016 on the set of Spears' ‘Slumber Party’ music video, with the singer describing their wedding day as the 'most spectacular day' as she shared pictures online after the ceremony.

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