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Bradley Cooper leaves Emma Stone in stitches after explaining why he won't stop closing eyes in interview

Bradley Cooper leaves Emma Stone in stitches after explaining why he won't stop closing eyes in interview

The actors sat down for an interview and learned something about each other

Everybody has little habits they do that they may not even realize they're doing.

Sometimes it can manifest as a commonly used word or expression. Or perhaps as a constant need to crack your back or your knuckles.

But often times we don't realize we've taken on these little quirks until somebody else points them out to us.

Case in point - Bradley Cooper can't keep his eyes open while talking.

No, he's not suddenly developed narcolepsy.

He's still very much awake.

While appearing on Variety's Actors on Actors with Emma Stone, the habit came up.

The two were appearing on the segment to reminisce on their careers.

Stone and Cooper have known each other since 2007, and have appeared in a few movies together.

They both starred in supporting roles in the indie heavy metal comedy The Rocker in 2008 and then reunited on Cameron Crowe’s Aloha in 2015, which was poorly received at the time.

The pair are so close that Stone even brought her mom over to Cooper's house to watch a cut of his new movie Maestro. How cute!

Bradley Cooper struggled to keep his eyes open.

Yet, despite all this, Cooper's habit of shutting his eyes has seemingly never become apparent to the La La Land star before.

It all started as Cooper posed a question to his fellow actor: "Seriously, I do want to talk to you about your immense talent."

Stone, sat opposite him in an armchair, responded: "Why are your eyes so closed?"

Cooper said: "Because I've realized, as I've gotten more comfortable in myself, the truth is I think better when my eyes are closed."

Fair enough.

Emma Stone was taken aback by his habit.

"You have to work through this," Stone insisted between laughs. "It's crazy."

Later in the interview, Cooper is telling an anecdote when he finds himself with his eyes shut.

He said: "I know I'm closing my eyes... deal with it, dude."

Stone agreed, before going on to say: "I'm going to do it too."

However, it clearly wasn't for her, as after a few seconds she remarked: "I'll fall asleep if I do it for too long."

Fans were clearly amused with Cooper's interesting quirk and took to X, formerly known to Twitter, to comment on the interview.

One remarked: "Bradley is too funny."

Another wrote: "Can't explain further but Bradley Cooper is the Rob Gronkowski of cinema."

Rob Gronkowski is an American football player, by the way.

I'm not sure what the reference means exactly, but does he keep his eyes shut too?

While someone else simply commented: "Fantastic interview."

The full interview can be watched here.

Featured Image Credit: Variety

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