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Brad Pitt admits he crashed a wedding party when filming Mr and Mrs Smith

Brad Pitt admits he crashed a wedding party when filming Mr and Mrs Smith

Pitt also admitted to crashing Kaley Cuoco's baby shower

Brad Pitt revealed he crashed a wedding while filming Mr and Mrs Smith - talk about upstaging the bride.

The Hollywood star admitted that he’s ‘not shy’ and that he’d even crashed Kaley Cuoco’s baby shower this month.

Speaking to It’s Gone Viral on the red carpet of Babylon, Pitt was asked if he’d ever crashed a party to which he responded: “Yeah, I crashed a party last week, actually.”

Before letting slip that he’d been at Cuoco and Tom Pelphrey’s ‘lovely, lovely baby shower’.

The interviewer then enquired if he had ever crashed a party while filming Mr and Mrs Smith, prompting Pitt to confess: “I crashed a wedding. I crashed a wedding party.”

The woman interviewing Pitt then said she'd be delighted if Pitt crashed her wedding, to which he replied: “OK. Listen, I’m not shy.”

So watch out for Pitt at a wedding near you soon, I guess?

Brad Pitt revealed he is a serial party crasher.
Doug Peters / Alamy Stock Photo

Sharing more details about the wedding crashing with W Magazine earlier this month, Pitt said: “I have crashed a wedding party. It was on the set of Mr and Mrs [Smith].

"We were filming down in this Deco building downtown, and up in the penthouse above, we kept seeing people going up and down. It was a wedding party, so I crashed it. And they were OK with it.”

I’ll bet they were.

And Pitt isn’t the only actor to crash a wedding party - last summer John Wick star Keanu Reeves rocked up to a couple’s big day, much to their amazement.

James and Nikki Roadnight, from the UK, got hitched last August surrounded by family and friends.

However, during their reception at the picturesque Fawsley Hall in Northamptonshire things took an unexpected turn, when Reeves - who happened to be staying at the same hotel - was spotted at the bar by James who approached him and told him he’d just got married.

Keanu was happy to pose for some snaps with the newlyweds.

Later on, a member of the hotel’s staff informed Nikki there was a ‘very special guest’ outside who would like to speak to the newlyweds - which, of course, turned out to be none other than Reeves himself.

Speaking to Newsweek, Nikki said: "It was all very exciting and I went to say hi and introduce myself, and I offered him a drink but he declined that and said he'd just had a long flight so wouldn't stay long.

"He was kind enough to do some pictures and our wedding photographer was able to capture some too!

"Then he took the time to speak to some of our guests and have more photos done!"

Featured Image Credit: PA Images/Maximum Film/Alamy Stock Photo

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