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Body Language Expert Analyses Amber Heard's Testimony
Featured Image Credit: Court TV/Alamy

Body Language Expert Analyses Amber Heard's Testimony

Heard took to the stand in the ongoing defamation trial

A world-renowned body language expert has shared her thoughts on testimony delivered by Amber Heard during the ongoing defamation trial launched by Johnny Depp.

Heard took to the stand in Fairfax, Virginia this week to offer the court her testimony after Depp accused her of defaming him by implying he abused her in a 2018 op-ed she wrote for The Washington Post.

The Aquaman star alleged she was scared of Depp at times and accused him of having physically assaulted her, though in listening to her testimony body language expert Janine Driver alleged she presented signs indicative of deception.

During an appearance on Court TV, Driver broke down Heard's initial comments on the stand about why she was in court and how she felt about it, saying the actor 'sucked in her lip and bites her lip' which are indicators of 'concern and stress'.

"It's as if back in the day when we sucked out thumb. It's that comforting gesture."

Driver went on to discuss an apparent 'problem' in Heard's testimony, pointing out that she does a lot of start-stop sentences and claiming this is 'congruent with someone who is being deceptive'.

The body language expert described Heard as 'stacking the deck upfront', claiming she was giving the court 'irrelevant information' and claiming this is something 'liars will often do'.

"They give us a lot of truthful information at the front. They're stacking the deck, right?... The problem is when she gets to the actual attack, it is such a small percent, it's maybe 15 percent. We have a big before, a big after. The incident itself is small."

Amber Heard gives testimony in the defamation trial.

Driver furthered her suggestion that Heard could be being deceptive in claiming she dropped the pronoun when describing how Depp hit her, saying, "She doesn't say 'he slapped me', she says 'slapped me'. She drops the pronoun and when people are being deceptive, people will have a change in pronouns or they'll drop it."

"She also changes her tense. The first one's a 'slapped', the second one is a 'slapped', past tense, the third one is a 'slap'... When people are making up a story they'll talk in the current tense... Her current tense and past tense is indicative of someone who's making up a story on the spot."

Driver assured the show host that she believes 'parts' of Heard's testimony are true, but expressed belief much of it is 'deceptive'.

Attorneys in the case are set to deliver closing arguments later this month.

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