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Oscar-winner Ben Affleck spotted working at a Dunkin Donuts drive-thru

Oscar-winner Ben Affleck spotted working at a Dunkin Donuts drive-thru

Customers at the Medford drive-thru in Massachusetts got the surprise of their life.

Oscar-winner Ben Affleck has been spotted working at Dunkin’ Donuts in Massachusetts.

And no, he’s not preparing for a new role.

Customers at the Medford drive-thru got the surprise of their life from the legendary actor who teamed up with the coffee chain for a commercial, as per Entertainment Weekly.

The Argo actor was seen sporting the Dunkin’ Donuts famous shirt, a headpiece and a baseball cap while handing out orders north of Boston.

The 50-year-old was accompanied by his wife, Jennifer Lopez - just in case there wasn’t already enough star power.

A customer named Lisa Mackay told NBC10 Boston that she was required to sign a form for footage to be released and noting that Affleck was ‘quick-witted and funny’.

She also told Entertainment Tonight: “Ben Affleck was filming a Dunkin' commercial yesterday. I was surprised and nervous when I saw him. He took my order and I handed him a $10 (AUD $14.5) and he threw it right back at me and handed me my iced coffee.

"He was super nice, very funny, and handsome, of course. I didn't see J.Lo, but I heard she was inside.”

While Affleck hasn’t confirmed what the commercial is for, many suspect it’s for the upcoming Super Bowl, which is set to take place next month on February 12.

Once snaps began circulating of Affleck at the venue, the internet was left shook.

One person wrote via Twitter: “His best character yet.”

Another said: “Someone send me the location.”

A third person joked: “Thought her love don’t cost a thing, now dude has to take shift at Dunkins.”

While another commented: “I would lose my mind.”

It’s been well-documented that the actor has been a long-time fan of Dunkin’ Doughnuts.

In his 1997 Good Will Hunting, a small Dunkin’ coffee was featured when his character picked up a coffee for Will, played by his other half (sorry, J.Lo) Matt Damon, just for a little extra Boston finesse.

Even a piece from The Cut titled ‘47 Times Ben Affleck Got Iced Coffee in 2017’ shows the actor grabbing a coffee from the chain every day of the week - very rarely is there a cuppa from Starbucks.

And finally, in 2019, he proclaimed his love, telling Collider, as per Entertainment Weekly: “I have Dunkin' Donuts everyday.

“I feel like I’m spreading the word.”

Well, this ad looks like the perfect opportunity.

Featured Image Credit: Lisa Mackay/NBC. 20th Century Fox

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