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Ashton Kutcher reveals he suffered bleeding nipples during marathon training

Ashton Kutcher reveals he suffered bleeding nipples during marathon training

Actor Aston Kutcher went on a 17-mile marathon training run in preparation for the New York Marathon

Ashton Kutcher said his nipples began to bleed during a gruelling training run in preparation for the New York Marathon.

The actor was speaking to guest host David Alan Grier, 66, on Jimmy Kimmel Live! and explained how training for his first-ever marathon wasn't as easy as he thought.

The 44-year-old is running to to support his non-profit, Thorn, which fights against the sexual exploitation of children.

In preparation for the big run, he underwent a 17-mile marathon training run and his 'nipples were on fire'.


Kutcher told Grier: "I went for like a training run last weekend, I did like 17 miles."

He aded: "My nipples started to bleed, David.

"I'm like 'what is happening right now', this is like, my legs were fine but my nipples were on fire."

Speaking about his charity, Kutcher said: "So I'm running for Thorn, our nonprofit, so we built this non-profit up that fights against the sexual exploitation of children, so we build software that we deploy to law enforcement and companies to help them find kids that are being sexually exploited faster.

"And they came to me and they were like 'hey do you want to run this marathon' and I was like 'oh man marathon okay, uh yeah I'm in'.

"And then I started training for it and I'm doing the training and I'm like on my like treadmill training watching the instructor doing the thing."


He added: "I've like one of these Peloton treadmills and I'm like 'man this is a lot of running' because the only thing you can do to get better at running is run."

While training on his Peloton, Kutcher thought of an idea to make the whole thing into a TV show where he would interview guests while they run with him.

"I was like, 'hey what if we do a show in my basement where I invite friends to run with me and we bring a Peloton instructor and I interview people while we are running," Ashton said.

"We've been shooting and we've shot like 10 episodes of this show with Natalie Portman, Kenny Chesney and with just friends, Chris Paul, that come over."


Peloton wrote on their blog: "Ashton Kutcher is running his first ever 26.2, at the 2022 TCS NYC Marathon, and to help him across the finish line, he’s teaming up with Peloton and instructor Becs Gentry to get race ready by following Peloton’s Marathon Training Program.

"He’s training for a cause close to his heart—raising funds for a non-profit, Thorn, which he co-founded 10 years ago—and putting his whole heart into his training."

Click on the following link if you would like to donate to Thorn

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