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My 600lb Life viewers amazed at Amber Rachdi's weight loss
Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@amberrachdi / TLC

My 600lb Life viewers amazed at Amber Rachdi's weight loss

People are stunned by Amber's transformation

Fans of My 600lb Life have are blown away after seeing what series star Amber Rachdi looks like now.

At just 23-years-old, Amber, who goes by they/them pronouns, appeared in the third season of the TLC reality show.

Weighing more than 657lbs (298kg) at the time, Amber had major health concerns and feared they would die at a young age if they didn't make some changes.

On the show, Amber needed help from both their boyfriend and family to do simply day-to-day tasks.

Because of their unmanageable weight, they struggled to stand up for more than half an hour, and regularly had to rely a mobility scooter or a wheelchair to move around.

Amber admitted that they struggled from depression and anxiety, and relied on food as a coping mechanism, but suffered from extreme guilt as a result.

In the episode, Amber travelled 2,000 miles to meet Dr Nowzaradan to see if they could qualify for a gastric bypass surgery.

After managing to lose 17 pounds through healthier eating habits, Amber was approved for the procedure.

Once they were more able to handle their weight, Amber started focusing on their physical and mental health and regained their independence.

Amber weighed 657lbs when they appeared on the show.

TLC confirmed that by the end of that year, Amber had lost 257 lbs (116 kg).

Seven years later, Amber looks like they're happier than ever and has become somewhat of an influencer, with more than 262,000 followers on Instagram.

In their most recent post to Instagram, taken earlier this month, Amber posed for a mirror selfie, wearing a green velvet gown, writing: "I look so much like my grandma here and that brings me peace and satisfaction."

People who recognised Amber from their TLC stint couldn't believe how much they had changed since appearing on TV, and took to the comment section to congratulate them.

"You look absolutely stunning and I’m definitely getting Adele vibes", wrote one gobsmacked follower.

"You look beyond beautiful", claimed another. "I'm so glad you're enjoying life and living to the fullest! You are a huge inspiration."

A third affirmed: "You’ve always been beautiful, you’re just a smaller beautiful!"

"What a stunning pic", raved a fourth fan. "You look amazing - well done! I hope you feel great too."

And a fifth praised: "I’m so excited to find you here. You are [an] awesome inspiration and what a survivor and warrior you have had to be to get here."

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