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Porn star Adriana Chechik discovered she was pregnant after breaking her back in two places

Porn star Adriana Chechik discovered she was pregnant after breaking her back in two places

She heartbreakingly revealed that she couldn't keep the baby if she agreed to undergo surgery to fix her back.

Porn star and Twitch streamer Adriana Chechik has revealed she found out she was pregnant after breaking her back in two places.

Chechik suffered a horrific spinal injury earlier this month at TwitchCon 2022 after jumping off a pedestal into a foam pit that lacked sufficient padding.

She could barely move after hopping into the pit and a medic instantly came to her aid.

Shortly after the incident, Chechik posted: “Well, I broke my back in two places and am getting surgery to put a meter rod in for support today. Send your support.

“When it rains it pours and I am definitely feeling the rain right now.”

However, as doctors confirmed that Chechik had severely injured her back, the 30-year-old also discovered she was pregnant.

She told her followers in a live stream video: “I don’t care, everyone’s gonna know but I was pregnant, erm, and I didn’t find out until I was in the hospital.

"I’m not pregnant anymore because of the surgery. I couldn’t keep it. But my hormones are also through the f**king roof because of that."

After informing the doctors that she was an adult film star, Chechik added that her surgeons did an ‘amazing job’ of hiding her stitches.

Many fans took to Twitter to praise Chechik for speaking candidly about her health.

One person wrote: “Holy s**t. So not only did she break her back but she also lost a pregnancy due to her injuries at TwitchCon. This is shaping up to be one hell of a lawsuit if she chooses to do so.”

Another shared: “It keeps getting worse what the f**k. I feel so bad for Adriana, I hope she sues the F**K out of Twitch for what they put her through.”

While another user said: “I feel so bad for Adriana, I can’t even imagine what she’s going through, but shout out to her for being a strong woman and speaking out about all this! Someone has to answer for the pain this has caused.”

UNILAD has reached out to Twitch for a comment.

Chechik has shared her health battle with her fans and said back on October 14 that she was slowly starting to walk again.

She said: "Today was so hard, I WALKED. I passed out after I brushed my teeth and had to be carried back but baby got her dancing shoes.

"It was so exhausting I have slept all day since."

In an earlier post on Instagram, she added: "I got a sponge bath today and my hair washed.

"Not being able to move or do anything for myself is so difficult.

"I’m so thankful to the nursing staff. I never thought I would ever be immobile.

"These next few days are going to be extremely hard."

Featured Image Credit: GUARD Hunter/Twitter/Twitch

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