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Adele praised for calling out fan who tried recording her with filter

Adele praised for calling out fan who tried recording her with filter

People reckon Adele is a 'real one' for the way she handled a fan who tried to record her with a filter

Adele has been praised for the way she interacted with a fan who was filming her with a filter on.

The singing superstar Adele has just begun her rescheduled residency at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas and plenty are utterly in love with the way she's been dealing with her fans - including the gentle way she called out a filter this fan was using:

While some were upset at the residency being cancelled at such short notice because the show wasn't ready to be performed due to staff coming down with Covid, Adele has been delighting fans now she's been able to get the show on the road.

One of the early highlights has been the magical moment where she departs the stage in a storm of confetti, leaving fans utterly perplexed at how she was able to pull off the incredible vanishing act.

The singer has also been doing plenty of interactions with the audience, and one moment in particular has won her praise.

Adele was praised for the way she handled the filter.

Adele went into the crowd during her show and got talking to TikToker Jamy, who started filming the chat between the pair.

Jamy was picked out of the crowd for her outfit, with Adele saying 'I love that you’ve come to my show wearing a J.Lo t-shirt' before spotting that she was being filmed with a filter on it.

She said: "Is there a filter on that? Oh my god, what have you done to my face?

"Get that filter off my face, that's so weird! Why are you doing filters like that? We don't look like that, darling."

Jamy soon started crying, which earned her a hug from Adele who told her 'you don't want J.Lo to see you cry'.

Fans have been absolutely loving the interaction and the way Adele responded, with the singer proclaimed as a 'real one' for the way she was calling out the filter without attacking the fan.

Adele hugged the fan who was filming her.

One person said they 'love Adele telling you to love yourself', while another said they'd 'love Adele even more after this' for 'keeping it real'.

Someone else said Adele was being 'so sweet' with the way she interacted with Jamy, even going on to ask her what her favourite childhood memory was during their chat.

Plenty supported the singer's 'no filter, stay natural' message and reckoned it was a sign that Adele is an 'amazing woman'.

The singer has been praised in the past for the way she's dealt with being filmed and not putting on a façade for the cameras.

Adele really is keeping it real.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@ilovejamyg

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