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A$AP Rocky had an epic reaction to Rihanna walking the Met Gala red carpet

A$AP Rocky had an epic reaction to Rihanna walking the Met Gala red carpet

There's a man who knows how to step aside and let his partner soak up the limelight.

Having a hype person in your life can be one of the best experiences, especially during a big moment.

Well, if you want some inspiration for how a hype person can act look no further than A$AP Rocky at the 2023 Met Gala.

The rapper arrived with his partner Rihanna and, naturally, the Queen of the Met Gala took center stage.

They were all smiles as they arrived fashionably late to the annual event at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City.

The world's cameras shuttered and flickered at them as they posed on the red carpet.

However, as they walked up the stairs, A$AP stood off to the side to chat to some reporters and let his pregnant girlfriend shine in the light she deserves.

Jennifer Graylock/Alamy Live News

He was beaming from ear to ear as she soaked up the moment and it truly was a lesson in how to let your partner enjoy the limelight.

People on social media were blown away by the subtle moment.

One user wrote: "ASAP Rocky appears to be the perfect partner for Rihanna because he knows she’s the star and he has no ego about it."

Another added: "If your girl is winning, you step back, support and cheer her on. He’s a team player and I respect him for that."

A third said: "And this is exactly why I think she loves him. He loves her and doesn’t need the spotlight. He’s ego is not bruised!"

A fourth quipped: "He’s too busy being proud and knowing that his partnership, love, and support help her shine all the brighter."

It truly was a beautiful moment that should happen more often.

However, A$AP had a rather awkward situation before he and Rihanna hit the red carpet.

Madelyn Llanes was among an excited crowd gathered outside The Carlyle Hotel, the place where many Met Gala invitees get ready and first show off their looks before heading to the museum.

Staff had put up barriers to help protect any A-listers trying to get in and out.

It's a pretty easy system to use, and you'd expect most celebrities to take advantage of the fact that they wouldn't have to push and shove their way through fans.

Not A$AP Rocky, though.

Footage from outside the hotel shows that instead of walking through the nice, clear path in between the barriers, Rocky popped up in the middle of the packed group behind them.

He then proceeded to try and jump the barrier, and when he needed a little extra support he put his hand straight on to Madelyn's face to push himself up, knocking off her glasses in the meantime.

Featured Image Credit: Abaca Press/Alamy Live News

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