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Woman uses AI to create 'dream' version of herself and now makes $20,000 a month

Woman uses AI to create 'dream' version of herself and now makes $20,000 a month

A Berlin model who used AI to create a virtual version of herself is now earning $20,000 a month from engaging with fans

A model who used AI to create a virtual clone of herself says she's now earning $20,000 a month from engaging with fans.

Sika Moon, a 28-year-old model from Berlin, has revealed that she created an AI version of her ‘dream’ self, and is now earning more than what she did on her revealing pics in real life.

Using the platform Fanvue - an extremely similar concept to OnlyFans - Sika is able to sell her AI content and has managed to make her way into the top one percent of earners in the UK on the site.

After five years in the adult entertainment industry, she has claimed she doesn’t mind her alter-ego making her far more money than she ever did.

Sika is able to sell her AI content on Fanvue

Talking to the Daily Mail, she said: “I got bored of the repetitive and uncreative work in this business.

“I decided to get back to creating art - and got fascinated by the potential of AI-supported art creation.

“So, I recreated myself with the help of AI tools to be the girl I always dreamed to be - perfect, forever young and smoking sexy every minute of the day - smart, but with my personality.”

Sika claims that the AI creation is ‘part of’ her, and that her fans know she is similar to the clone.

Users on Fanvue can look at her content and interact with her for just $10.99 per month, and subscribers can make personalised requests.

Sika says that although requests could be anything at all, fans tend to keep their demands fairly ‘normal’.

This comes after a new trend circulating the internet, known as AI-generated girlfriends, some of which are charging as much as 80p per minute for an exchange of sexual messages.

She now earns over $20,000 per month

The business is big money, and Sika has claimed this is ‘just the start’.

She added: “Sika has built an engaged community of fans that share everything with her - it might be about work stress, what to get their partner for their birthday - that sort of thing, and they're more than happy to support me because I'm their virtual girlfriend and feel with them.

“And I'm thankful for every single one of my lovely new friends, fans and supporters.”

The platform Fanvue was launched in March 2020, and famous YouTuber JMX is one of the founders, alongside tech entrepreneur William Monange.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@sika.moon

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