People are calling new musical game 'Trombone Champ' the 'best game ever'

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People are calling new musical game 'Trombone Champ' the 'best game ever'

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Every other game in the world can get right in the bin because they'll never compare to the musical majesty that is Trombone Champ.

If you've ever had a dream of becoming a trombonist in real life (don't lie, we all have), then the perfect video game for you has just dropped.

Holy Wow Studios have recently released Trombone Champ, a stunning masterpiece that puts you in the shoes of a musical maestro as you and your trusty trombone absolutely murder some of the greatest music ever made.


At first glance it looks like something you'd have seen during the heyday of the Nintendo Wii, especially since your character on screen looks a lot like a Mii, but it's actually a PC game.

Playing it is pretty simple too, you move your mouse up and down the screen and try to line it up with all of the little symbols headed your way.

Get it right and your little avatar will happily toot their heart out as they gyrate all over the screen and put more enthusiasm into playing their trombone than anyone ever has before.

Get it wrong and you'll still be having a good time laughing at how badly you're ruining a classic song with your off-time tooting.

Early reactions to the game are hugely positive, with plenty of players posting positive reviews of Trombone Champ and praising it for just being so damn funny.

Gamers have been raving at how funny Trombone Champ is, with plenty posting videos of their best attempts to tackle the songs in the game.

One person said it was the 'best game ever made', while another praised it as 'absolutely out of this world god tier' and a third declared that 'everyone needs to play Trombone Champ'.

Others who haven't played the game themselves have been enjoying others have fun with it, as one person said they'd 'gone down a Trombone Champ rabbit hole' that had left them 'sobbing from laughing too hard at this s**t for over an hour'.

It turns out that the tooting of a trombone over classical music while a little animated person absolutely rocks the instrument is just inherently funny.

One of the most brilliant aspects of the game is that failure is just as much fun as success, especially for the people watching you play it.

With over 20 songs to master (or completely ruin) there's all sorts of fun to be had with Trombone Champ.

Players hoping Trombone Champ one day makes it to consoles might have to do a bit of waiting as the developers said porting the game is 'possible but not currently planned'.

Trombome Champ is available to buy on Steam now and is available to play on PC and Steam Deck. A Mac version is currently being researched.

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