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Cybertruck owners slam ‘monumental failure’ after receiving first delivery of $3,000 upgrade
Featured Image Credit: YouTube/geartakes / YouTube/Telsa

Cybertruck owners slam ‘monumental failure’ after receiving first delivery of $3,000 upgrade

One Cybertruck owner shared his disappointment over the upgrade which 'could have been revolutionary'

Another week and Elon Musk's newest Tesla vehicle is in the news once more.

Ever since the latest version of the company's Cybertruck released last year, it has rarely left the headlines.

Over recent months, we've seen a man sharing his rather pricey receipt for a Cybertruck, and people having a lot to say after the expensive vehicle had to be towed after getting stuck on small hill.

Now, Cybertruck owners have been left outraged over apparent broken promises after Tesla started shipping the first batch of tent attachments for their futuristic vehicles.

Cybertruck owners have slammed the 'momental failure'.
Reckon it's worthy $3,000?

The rather pricey basecamp tent promises to included an 'ultra-soft mattress' and 'enhanced camping experience', but many owners feel it leaves much to be desired.

Adverts of the tent suggested that it would evenly attach to the back of the Cybertruck, with a subsequent promotional video showing two parents and a child fitting quite comfortably in the new tent.

And with a price-point of nearly $3,000, Tesla drivers thinking of purchasing the tent certainly want to get value for money.

Well, new owners of the tent have shared videos and pictures of what appears to be a tarp extension on the truck.

However, many have said it wasn't any different from a traditional tent and could only fit a maximum of two people.

Many owners have since flocked to X, formerly known as Twitter, to provide their thoughts.

"Nothing about the 2019 CyberTruck reveal is meeting expectations," one user posted on the Elon Musk-owned platform.

They continued: "The reality is this thing is a monumental failure. Which is unfortunate because it could have been revolutionary."

Owners are not happy with the upgrade.
Cybertruck Owners Club

The set-up of the new tent is not exactly straightforward either, as owners need to visit a Tesla Service Center to have an expert attach tent brackets to the vehicle's side rails.

Alongside that, the manual pump required to inflate the tent makes it a lot more time consuming than a lot of folks originally believed.

A feature known as 'Tent Mode' is also meant to be a big pull of the basecamp tent.

Essentially, this is meant to see the Cybertruck straighten out, so the person using the tent doesn't feel like they are sliding out if the car is parked on an incline.

However, one owner of the Tesla vehicle posted their experience with the tent on the Cybertruck Owners Club.

And this owner was far from happy, dubbing the 'Tent Mode' as 'missing in action'.

UNILAD has contacted Tesla for a comment.

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