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Terrifying animation shows what would happen if the moon crashed into the Earth
Featured Image Credit: YouTube/MetaBallStudios

Terrifying animation shows what would happen if the moon crashed into the Earth

An animation showing the destructive power of the moon if it crashed into Earth has put social media users on edge.

An animation of what it would look like if the moon came crashing down on Earth has made people more than a little nervous.

Admittedly, most people don’t tend to fear that the Moon is going to crash into Earth and destroy everything.

For a few reasons, 1) we have more important things to worry about and 2) it's incredibly unlikely.

Yep, Moonfall lied to you.

The truth is it would take a truly massive collision to disrupt the Moon and Earth's stable orbit enough to cause a collision, and nothing like that is on the cards in the foreseeable future.

The Moon is stuck orbiting the Earth, moving at rapid speeds and preventing it from falling on our heads.

Even if you somehow managed to got the orbit to stop, the rock in the sky wouldn’t strike the planet as a whole but rather be scattered across the sky into little pieces, similar to the rings of Saturn, according to educational channel Kurzgesagt.

By that point, life on Earth will likely be wiped out by earthquakes, volcanoes, rapid cooling and acid rain - but still.

Nevertheless, an animation showing what it would look like if the Moon struck Earth has concerned some social media users.

Well, concerned some, many Reddit users that watched the animation felt the best way to deal with the possibility of major life extinction was jokes and to be honest what is life without some laughter.

The animation shows a first-person view of what it would be like in New York if the moon decided to come careening towards the planet.

The animation shows the destructive power of the moon if it came crashing to Earth.

Things go as well as you would expect, mass destruction and chaos before a wall of fire engulfs, from the impact, envelops the entire surface of the planet.

“I think what we’ve learned from this is that the moon is dangerous and therefore needs to destroyed,” one user joked.

“Most of us already know 'Moon hit Earth. Very bad. Everyone die',” commented another.

Doesn't look good, does it?

“I watched this and my only thought was, 'even at the end of the world and while everything is being obliterated people still cannot put their phones down and will try and post this on TikTok in the last seconds,” joked a third.

“In reality this wouldn’t happen. We know that if the Moon came within the Earth's atmosphere, it’d be torn apart and form a ring of miniature asteroids like those around Saturn.

"The video is BS. Fun to watch, but a complete waste of time if you’re looking for accuracy,” another added.

While the Moon isn't going to come crashing down on our heads anytime soon, it's still fascinating to think about.

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