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Man at Flat Earth Convention shares bizarre belief there's more than one sun in shocking interview
Featured Image Credit: @TheGoodLiars/X

Man at Flat Earth Convention shares bizarre belief there's more than one sun in shocking interview

Apparently everyone on Earth has their own individual sun...

While most of us know that the Sun is a huge star at the center of the solar system and located around 150 million kilometers away from Earth, one guy has argued otherwise.

Speaking to comedian Jason Selvig outside a Flat Earth Convention in New York, the guy shared his undeniably bizarre theory.

In video shared to The Good Liar's X account, Selvig asked him where the Sun is if the Earth is supposedly flat, and he replied: "When you say the Sun, there is no the Sun.

"Everybody has their own sun."

And he wasn't being philosophical - he literally meant that he thinks everyone has their own sun.

"There's a different sun for everybody," the David Letterman lookalike further tried to explain.

An understandably confused Selvig then asked if he meant that there was a different sun in New York compared to Las Vegas.

"So, how many suns are there?" the comic asked.

The Flat-Earther replied: "As many people who are viewing it."

So there are over seven billion suns, sir? I think not.

Jason Selvig wasn't quite buying the man's theory.
The Good Liars/X

"The Sun is only 50 miles away at any given time," he added, leaving Selvig floored.

The guy proceeded to compare the Sun to a rainbow in that 'the closer you move to it, the farther it moves from you'.

While it's been scientifically proven that the Sun is a large ball of gas, this Flat-Earther labelled it as 'bulls**t'.

Elsewhere, he insisted that the Sun is actually cold.

The video posted today (November 2) has already generated a whopping 1.5 million views, and people didn't waste any time in poking fun at his theories.

"Damn!!! So many facts in so little time," quipped one person on X.

Making note of global warming, another person penned: "Ahh the feeling of the cold Sun putting warm rays on my face while watching it melt the snow."

"I think he’s been out under his sun for waaaaay too long," joked another.

People took to X to share their thoughts on the matter.

Elsewhere, Selvig's followers hailed the video as one of his best interviews yet.

"This is the best thing I’ve watched this week," one person wrote.

Another added: "That’s definitely the best one yet! I need a lie down."

"This…. This is extraordinary," added a third.

"You’ve done some amazing ones, but this one might just be the most amazing one of all," someone else went on.

At least this Flat-Earther didn't try to sail to the edge of the earth in a sail boat during the pandemic like one Italian couple did.

As I'm sure you can imagine, they didn't find the so-called edge of the earth and only made it to Ustica from Venice.

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