Flat-Earther's Experiment To Prove Earth Is Flat Accidentally Proves Earth Is Round

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Flat-Earther's Experiment To Prove Earth Is Flat Accidentally Proves Earth Is Round

Featured Image Credit: Beyond The Curve/Netflix

We've all done it: you're convinced you're right about something, and then you realise you're actually completely wrong.

Some of us hold our hands up, while others continue to push their point rather than accept defeat. But what happens when you accidentally prove that a conspiracy theory you've based your entire life and career around is a load of rubbish?

Unfortunately for one flat-earther, he did just that on camera, after performing an experiment that he claimed would prove the Earth is flat, but in fact did the exact opposite.


The clip is from a Netflix documentary called Behind The Curve, which explores the growing community of flat-earthers. In this scene from the film, one flat-earther sets up a DIY experiment that involves using a camera to film through two holes, with a person on the other side shining a torch back at the camera.

The flat-earther theorises that if the light can be seen when the camera, the holes in the fence and the torch are all at the same difference above the ground, the Earth is flat. But if the torch is held at a higher angle and still shines through, the Earth is round.

So what happens? Unfortunately for the flat-earther, when his friend holds the torch at the same level as the camera, the light is nowhere to be seen, yet once he lifts it higher, the light shines through the holes in the fence, clear as day.

'Interesting,' the flat-earther says, as he tries to figure out how to talk his way out of the fact that his experiment appears to have completely disproven his theory.

The clip has since gone viral on Reddit, as people point out that even after the experiment, he continued to use 'mental gymnastics' to claim his conspiracy theory was still right.

Flat Earther (Alamy)
Flat Earther (Alamy)

'The camera was made with NASA technology DUH!' one person joked, with another commenting, 'I've seen that clip many times but have yet to see his explanation as to how that happened.'

'Some of these guys are very smart, just picked a wrong hill to die on,' another person wrote of the flat-earthers. 'This guy took the time and effort to learn a way to prove his hypothesis. There was another guy who was a self taught rocket scientist just to prove the earth was flat.'

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