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People have figured out where Elon Musk's new 'X' logo for Twitter has come from

People have figured out where Elon Musk's new 'X' logo for Twitter has come from

As Twitter bids goodbye to its iconic light blue birdie, the social media site has now rebranded its logo to 'X'

It’s bye bye birdie for Twitter.

The social media platform is having a major rebrand, with a white 'X' on a black background becoming the new logo.

As everyone adjusts to the rather minimalist design, some users believe they have figured out where it has come from.

The blue bird logo has been used since Twitter was founded.

It’s a major overhaul for the brand, which was taken over by Elon Musk last October.

Twitter has had its light blue bird logo since the site was founded by Jack Dorsey, Noah Glass, Biz Stone and Evan Williams in 2006.

The avian creation came about after the group was inspired by the sound of birds chattering, hence the company name, logo and elements like tweets.

But seventeen years on, times and ownership have changed.

While you may be forgiven for thinking the ‘X’ logo is linked to Musk’s SpaceX firm, it appears to have come from a somewhat surprising place.

According to user @Fontendou, the logo is actually the X glyph from Monotype’s Special Alphabet 4 and is currently available to buy on their website.

Even more hilariously, Musk might have only spent a measly $30 on the app’s new marker.

Twitter's new logo has left people unimpressed.

Though the rebranding might have been cost-effective, many people are pretty unhappy about the new design.

One unimpressed user wrote: “Y'all ready for the worlds least accepted rebrand? Even less people are gonna call Twitter ‘X’ than when the Facebook company rebranded to Meta.”

Meanwhile, some wondered what tweets would now be called after the redesign.

“With the Twitter rebrand by @elonmusk to ‘X’ this will no longer be a ‘Tweet’ so should we know call them ‘Kiss’ or ‘Kisses’?” joked one user, adding: “So you’d post a ‘kiss’ or you posted ‘kisses’? just a thought.”

Another called out Twitter’s lack of creativity, saying: “This rebrand of Twitter is the most generic thing I've ever seen."

They then revealed that the design could be temporary, pointedly adding: "As a graphic designer, this new logo feels like a placeholder I would use in a screen mockup before the actual asset came in.”

Given that Musk previously changed the site's logo to an image of Doge, the meme-worthy Shiba Inu dog, it's not as wild as you may initially think.

The incident happened after the billionaire was accused of being involved in a pyramid scheme, related to Dogecoin.

After such a sudden change, your guess is as good as ours.

Featured Image Credit: Chesnot/Getty Images / Twitter/ @lindayacc

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