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People blown away by video showing how people wearing glasses see
Featured Image Credit: X/@sakata_yoshi

People blown away by video showing how people wearing glasses see

A video created to show people what people with glasses see is scarily accurate

It’s hard to navigate the world if one of your senses isn’t working as it should.

It can also be just as difficult to explain to others what you experience on a daily basis.

But fear not, you’ll be able to help other people to see what you see by using this cool method.

Sakata Yoshi is a regular online poster who gives great tips and information to those who have trouble with their eyes.

Working in the optician industry, he not only creates glasses, but he has also recently shared his interesting method for demonstrating how those with impaired vision see without their glasses. Take a look:

According to Yoshi, it’s pretty easy to replicate how someone with impaired vision sees the world without glasses.

In his post on X, formerly Twitter, the glasses seller provided a great manual for how you can do the trick too.

All you need is an iPhone and a pair of glasses.

He wrote: “Take a photo with the camera through your glasses, and on an iPhone, press and hold to lock AE/AF. If you just take off your glasses, you can experience how the person wearing the glasses sees with the naked eye.”

In the video, you can see just how blurry everything is, and it can make you feel a little queasy if you stare at it for too long.

Sakata Yoshi developed a cool method to show how visually impaired people see.
X/ @sakata_yoshi

But according to commenters on Reddit, who distributed the video to the sub r/Damnthatsinteresting, it’s really on point and accurate.

One person described their experience with wearing glasses and surgery: “I wore glasses since about age 15 and then developed cataracts at a young age.

“Cataract surgery gave me 20/20 vision. I remember stopping to look at the grass and was amazed at how I could see the shadow of one blade on another. It was incredible.

“My friends thought I was crazy.”

Another decides to use their vision impairment to their advantage: “I call it HD when I put my glasses on.

“Needless to say, I don’t pay extra for HD lol”.

The video resonated with many users online.
X/ @sakata_yoshi

Others believed that this video is a great way to explain to people how they see the world, without actually having to utter a word.

One user commented: “Thank god now I don’t need to explain for 20 minutes what I mean by blurry”.

Another agreed with the above and vowed to show people in the future: “Nearsighted as f***.

“This is 1,000% accurate. I’m going to use this to show people what it’s like since they always wonder.”

As The Vision Council reports that 63.7% of adult Americans wear prescription eyeglasses, it’s about time there was a video to help those without 20/20 to describe what they see.

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