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Incredible augmented reality device can display subtitles into your eyes
Featured Image Credit: Instagram/TranscribeGlass. YouTube/TranscribeGlass

Incredible augmented reality device can display subtitles into your eyes

This is an absolute game changer for people with hearing difficulties or those who want subtitles in real life.

If you have ever wanted to have subtitles in real life and not just when you're watching TV, then do we have some news for you.

Madhav Lavakare has been working on his creation for half a decade and it is close to being ready for the masses.

The 23-year-old inventor has created TranscribeGlass, which is a nifty attachment to any glasses that will beam subtitles into your field of vision in real time.

Imagine sitting in a lecture hall and not being able to hear every single thing that's being said.

Not only that, but you're also trying to take notes at the same time.

TranscribeGlass takes care of all of that because not only will the augmented reality device show you subtitles in a small screen in front of your eye, but it will also document it in an app.

No more cramping your hand trying to get every detail scribbled on your page.

It's also an incredible device for people who are deaf or having hearing difficulties.

TranscribeGlass eliminates the need for lip reading as well as sign language as you can have someone's speech appear in your eyes in real-time.

He explained to the Smithsonian magazine that this has been a dream of his for years.

“I started working on TranscribeGlass when I was in 11th grade,” Lavakare said.

“One of my friends has hearing loss, and he doesn’t wear hearing aids.

"He had to drop out of school, as he found it difficult to understand what teachers and even his friends were saying. He thought he was better off just being homeschooled."

He wanted to create a device that was able to transcribe what someone was saying while also not being too in your face (excuse the pun).

“I had the idea of having subtitles in the field of view so that you could see all the nonverbal communication cues, look at the person speaking to you and also be able to see the actual content of what is being said at the same time,” he said.

What he came up with is a small device that attaches to the side of your glasses.

He's also created an attachment for people who have glasses with thin sides.

There's a tiny screen at the front that will display everything that you want to capture and the app will also note down everything just in case.

This is a game changer for so many people around the world.

The beta version of TranscribeGlass is set to cost just $55, and the final version will be roughly $95.

The patent is currently pending in India where it was developed and the beta phase will hopefully launch by the end of the year.

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