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Most 'realistic' depiction of a dream is scarily accurate
Featured Image Credit: HandintheBoxInc / YouTube

Most 'realistic' depiction of a dream is scarily accurate

Director Steal Adcock developed a 1st person simulation of a dream

Viewers are stunned by a 'scarily accurate' deception of a dream.

The clip displays a first-person simulation of what your hallucinations might look like when having a dream/nightmare.

Take a look at the 'strange' and 'nonsensical' way people might dream in the video below:

*Viewers may find the following clip somewhat distressing*

Filmmaker Steal Adcock - who is known for producing simulation videos on his YouTube Channel 'HandintheBoxInc' - has uploaded, what viewers have defined, as an eerily 'accurate' dream.

The creepy video gives us the view of a person who starts from the bathroom and slowly makes their way into 'a pit of darkness'.

The person, played by Adcock, then bizarrely ends up in a forrest and later finds themselves in a strange tunnel.

Throughout the clip we witness the scary sight of a random girl named Jayda who - one moment - is tied up by police tape and - the next - is travelling upside-down on a moving wheelchair.

Despite the random nature of the simulation, people are saying that it 'captures the cluttered, almost claustrophobic nature of dreams'.

Viewers are stunned by this 'scarily accurate' simulation of a dream.

"Everytime I think of the dreams I had I always feel they're claustrophobic, and this emulates it pretty damn well. Good job," one viewer commented.

Another added: "Bro this is super realistic, I didn't even think anyone could reproduce what its actually like to be in a dream."

"Can totally relate my dream to this video. The way it moves from one scene to another skipping few moments. It is really beautiful and scary version of dream. Nice work," a third wrote.

While someone else also said: "I was laughing for the first few seconds because I never really knew how others experienced dreams but this is quite literally a perfect example of how I experience them.

"Just jumping from one thing to another, everything confusing as hell when I try to recall what happened after I wake up. Super entertaining."

The clip displays a first-person simulation of what your hallucinations might look like when having a dream/nightmare.

However, not everyone who watched the simulation seemed to to agree with its realism.

One person wrote: "Bruhhhh if ur dreams r like dat i wouldn't even go to sleep lmaoo [sic]."

Another added: "This is terrifying, who's dream is this?!"

"That’s not a dream that’s a nightmare," someone else said.

Well according to sleep researcher J. Allan Hobson, there are five basic characteristics of a typical dream, which seem to fit in line with Adcock's simulation.

The five characteristics - outlined in his his 1988 book, ​The Dreaming Brain - are as follows:

  1. Dreams often feature intense emotions.
  2. Dreams are frequently disorganized and illogical.
  3. Strange dream content is accepted without question.
  4. People often experience bizarre sensations.
  5. Dreams are difficult to remember.

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