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YouTuber spends 50 hours using Apple Vision Pro without taking it off
Featured Image Credit: YouTube / Ryan Trahan

YouTuber spends 50 hours using Apple Vision Pro without taking it off

If you thought your screen time was bad, this YouTuber has outdone you all

A YouTuber has revealed what happened when he spent a solid 50 hours wearing an Apple Vision Pro headset.

There's nothing like escaping the reality of your monotonous 9-5 job for a bit, whether it be going to the cinema or treating yourself to a trip away for the weekend.

However, one man decided to get his escapism while still maintaining some of the comfort of his normal routine, all by wearing an Apple Vision Pro headset - yes, even while making spaghetti.

While one man has revealed the 21 things you can do with the new Apple Vision Pro headset including touring homes for sale, YouTuber Ryan Trahan decided to really 'test the limits' of the device by wearing it across a whole weekend and trying to carry out his typical activities while doing so.

In a video uploaded to his channel on February 9, the YouTuber - inspired by Casey Neistat's Apple Vision Pro review - shows himself going about his weekend doing things like getting a taxi, going to the supermarket, going for a scooter trip and playing frisbee - all with the headset firmly placed over his eyes.

"One thing about playing sports in Apple Vision Pro is it's kind of flattering because it says I'm moving too fast," he joked.

The YouTuber wore the headset everywhere for 50 hours.
YouTube/ Ryan Trahan

Alongside unnerving taxi drivers and being flattered by his headset while playing sport, Ryan also decided to make a Gordon Ramsay dinner, using his headset to get up a recipe as well as set 'a virtual timer' using an app which you can place 'above' the food.

"I feel like an absolute chef," the 25-year-old added.

Oh, and while waiting for the food to cook, Ryan decided to play a quick game of Jetpack Joyride because why not? And then he sat down to eat with his headset for company.

The YouTuber noted: "I'm a little concerned with how I'm already getting used to this."

But, there was one big thing the content creator found he was unable to do with the headset on.

Ryan met up with his wife, Hayley, who was also wearing a headset and the pair discovered if you tried to kiss someone also wearing an Apple Vision Pro, then it's not really possible - the headsets clashing, making for a pretty awkward moment.

The YouTuber slept in the headset, went to the gym in the headset and the weekend ultimately highlighted the pros and cons of the device.

And then, after the 50 hours was nearly up, Ryan took the opportunity to use the headset to look back on his memories from the weekend.

The YouTuber reflected: "At first I thought this was really cool to watch, but then I started to feel kind of sad because even though I was there and all of this just happened, I don't even feel like I really experienced this stuff. And some of these moments are just too precious for that."

So, would you try the headset out?

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