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Man shares 21 jaw-dropping things you can do with the new Apple Vision Pro headset

Callum Jones

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Man shares 21 jaw-dropping things you can do with the new Apple Vision Pro headset

Featured Image Credit: X/@aaditsh

The future is well and truly here thanks to the release of the Apple Vision Pro headset.

Apple's newest VR headset has a clear goal: to seamlessly blend the real and virtual worlds into one.

But with any new piece of tech, it can be pretty difficult to understand all the features it has on offer.



Thankfully, though, one X user has shared 21 jaw-dropping things you can do with the new Vision Pro headset.

So, according to tech expert Aadit Sheth, here are the features you should definitely try out if you're a lucky Vision Pro owner:

1. Touring homes for sale


This feature is pretty dope. Before deciding on making a big decision on moving home, you want to really have a tour of it in real-life.

However, that is not always possible if you are planning to move to a different city or even country.

But thanks to the Vision Pro, you can tour your potential new digs from the comfort of your current ones.

Pretty cool, eh? Credit: X/@aaditsh
Pretty cool, eh? Credit: X/@aaditsh

2. A beautifully crafted ornament and AI Companion

With Apple's latest tech, you can also meet 'Forest spirit' - a handy AI companion.

While many of us worry about the advancements in AI, this AI is nothing but friendly.

3. Learning piano


There are not many better feelings than perfecting a musical instrument after hours and hours of practicing. However, this can often involve paying for lessons from professionals.

Well, with Vision Pro, you can learn to play the piano with 'Guiding Tiles'.

4. Disney+ experience

The Disney+ experience on the Vision Pro headset allows users into the world of Monsters Inc and Avengers. Truly magical.


5. Real-Time captions and translation

This is particularly handy for the video editors, TikTokers and YouTubers out there. This real-time captions features transcribes a piece of audio instantly - certainly a big timesaver!


6. Draw to code

Draw to code will come across as a little confusing to many but it's the dream for computer coders out there.

7. Taking cooking into the next level

Preparing onions isn't the nicest is it? The constant crying as they get into your eyes is never pleasant, but what if there was a way around it?

Well, in a video by the Wall Street Journal, one reporter could be seen cutting onions while wearing the headset - subsequently not suffering.

However, Apple does advise against cooking while wearing the Vision Pro.

8. Never miss a spot vacuuming

Ever missed an area of crumbs while hoovering the house? Well, no more as the Vision Pro will pick out those untreated areas.

9. Formula 1 in the living room

Calling all F1 fans! The Vision Pro brings up live race stats and an aerial view of an F1 race while you watch it from the sofa. Pretty cool, right?

A big win for Formula 1 fans. Credit: X/@aaditsh
A big win for Formula 1 fans. Credit: X/@aaditsh

10. Immersive memories

Ever want to look back on those awesome holiday moments? Well, you can do that and more so with the immersive memories on Vision Pro.

11. Rodney Mullen's Skatrix

While maybe not as useful, this feature seems as though it would be the dream for anyone who has the day off work and is a little bored.

12. NBA league pass

Fans of NBA will love this one. While watching the basketball, Vision Pro viewers can check out in-depth stats of certain player and teams while they enjoy the action.

Real-time updates occur during the game. Credit: X/@aaditsh
Real-time updates occur during the game. Credit: X/@aaditsh

13. YouTube experience

Rather than watching YouTube on the TV, owners of the Apple headset can watch it whenever they fancy in the living room.

14. Fruit Ninja

Remember that highly addicting feature we all had on our phones and iPods ten years ago? Well, an interactive version of the classic is available with Vision Pro.

15. Watch all your favorite sports at the same time

We've spoken a lot about sports thus far - but with Vision Pro you can watch the likes of NBA and F1 all at the same time.

16. Interactive 3-D modelling

This features very much showcases what the Vision Pro has to offer, as you can model certain objects in the comfort of your own home.

Perfect for those hoping to get into the industry.

The feature shows what the Vision Pro has to offer. Credit: X/@aaditsh
The feature shows what the Vision Pro has to offer. Credit: X/@aaditsh

17. Apple Music

The Vision Pro allows you to bring up the Apple Music app on your living room floor, for example, as you listen to Taylor Swift's latest.

18. Adobe LightRoom and DaVinci Resolve

Another useful tool for those working in industry. Sitting back on the sofa and editing a video has never got easier.

19. Microsoft 365 Suite

Not leaving your bed as your work from home has never been easier. Equipping the Vision Pro while in-between the sheets will still enable you to join that Teams meeting.

20. Fun for the kids

While a lot of the fun so far has been aimed at the adults, the Vision Pro also allows children to become engrossed in magical worlds.

21. Perplexity AI

And last but not least, an AI tool that "unlocks the power of knowledge with information discovery and sharing", and it's available with the Vision Pro.

So, there you have it... 21 features you must check out with the Vision Pro.

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Callum Jones
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