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Video shows Twitter bird logo being removed from HQ's office and people are getting emotional

Video shows Twitter bird logo being removed from HQ's office and people are getting emotional

Long-time users were upset as Twitter staff remove the once iconic blue bird from the building.

Less than a day after Elon Musk’s changes came into effect, the Twitter HQ office has removed all traces of the iconic blue bird logo.

It’s after the billionaire decided to announce a complete overall of the social media platform, with the brand now being named ‘X’.

Despite this, people aren’t quite ready to say goodbye to the little blue bird - with some users even getting emotional.

It’s understandable given that the rebranding has been so poorly received, much like when Facebook became Meta.

Sadly though, Musk has already confirmed the changes in a tweet on Sunday night. It read: “…soon we shall bid adieu to the Twitter brand and, gradually, all the birds."

Almost every avian reference within the app will also disappear, with the owner stating that ‘tweets’ will be referred to as ‘x’s’.

He also explained that the revamp would pave the way for ‘super app’ X, with the social media platform undergoing a massive overall, which he says was ‘long overdue’.

Whilst the billionaire might be making big promises, many users are still in shock over the sudden rebranding.

Unsurprisingly, a viral video of Twitter staff taking down the blue bird logo at head office has fans feeling pretty upset.

The short clip shows employees unscrewing the sign from the wall, with the iconic logo falling to the ground as if to emphasise the departure of the little blue bird.

After being uploaded yesterday, the footage has received over 136,000 views with people venting their frustrations in the comments.

Musk has promised a new 'super app' for users.

Most were saddened to see the iconic bird logo go, with comments such as ‘Fly high little bird’ and ‘we’ll miss you bird’.

One even joked: “bring the bird back man, he aint do nothing.”

Meanwhile, others questioned the reasoning behind the revamp – especially as people struggle to adjust to the new name.

Another pointedly added: “X is a letter and the logo looks the same as about 6 other websites that use "X" as a logo. Everyone will still call it Twitter.”

Others, however, hit out at the app’s owner.

“I don’t think Elon could be any more like the cliche stereotype egotistical takeover CEO movie character if he tried at this point,” wrote a third.

A fourth then stated: “I'm usually a fan of Elon's work but this move doesn't make sense.”

Sadly though, it seems that the bird is no longer the word at X.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/@stillgray

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