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Motorola unveils new foldable smartphone that you can bend around your wrist
Featured Image Credit: Motorola

Motorola unveils new foldable smartphone that you can bend around your wrist

You can customize the background so that it matches your style.

Tech companies have been working for years to change smartphones so they can be used in loads of different ways.

We started out with bricks that could take blurry photos and now we have state-of-the-art devices that can do just about anything.

However, the wearable tech space is still one that is delivering exciting new updates.

Well, Motorola has unveiled a new smartphone concept that you could wear on your wrist.

No more digging into your pocket or handbag to grab the device; just unclasp it from your forearm and away you go.

At the Lenovo Tech World 2023 conference, the tech company showed off its foldable device that boasts an FHD+ pOLED display, according to Live Mint.

But it has been created to be able to be 'bent and shaped into different forms'.

How nifty.

When it's fully unfolded, the display is an impressive 6.9 inches, however when it gets folded into its self-standing position, the display reduces to 4.6 inches.

"This adaptive display concept further extends the display and mechanical advancements found in our foldable and rollable devices across both smartphone and PC categories," Motorola states.

It added: “The adaptive display concept can be adjusted from a standard Android phone experience in a flat position to being wrapped for a wrist-worn experience or positioned in several stand modes."


Interestingly, Lenovo, who owns Motorola, first debuted this type of technology back in 2016 however there hasn't been much movement since then.

This isn't the only foldable smartphone either.

CNET says Motorola's Rizr has a rollable-screen concept phone and Samsung's unveiled a foldable display idea at CES 2023 and CES 2022.

If you're absolutely salivating at the idea of wearing your smartphone around your wrist, don't rush to the bank just yet.

There's no word on whether Motorola will be selling this bad boy in stores and this is just a concept idea.

However, if there's enough chatter about the device then the company might end up creating it for the masses.

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