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Woman shows little-known iPhone 'hack' that could save your life in an emergency
Featured Image Credit: Tiktok/@_storiesoftiktok

Woman shows little-known iPhone 'hack' that could save your life in an emergency

Not everyone knows about this important iPhone feature

You might think you know your way around an iPhone and that you’re a real pro with everyone's favourite piece of kit.

And you probably assume everyone else knows the features too.

But one woman is showing an iPhone ‘hack’ that a lot of users don’t seem to know exists.

It’s not just any old hack either, it could save your life if you find yourself in an emergency.

She told her TikTok followers to get it set up ASAP on their Apple device, if they haven’t already, because it’s so handy if you’re in danger.

The hack video has gone totally viral, with over 11million views on the account with only 9,000 followers.

She revealed she’d showed the little trick to people and they didn’t know about it – so now she’s sharing it with even more.

The woman showed her followers the important feature.

For her, it’s a very important feature because of the phobia she revealed: “Ok you guys, I’m constantly scared about getting kidnapped. Getting kidnapped is my biggest fear."

In case you’ve not guessed what it is, or have no clue what she’s talking about, let her explain.

“So if you have an iPhone, and you click the power button five times, it goes into like an emergency response system,” she explained.

“And it says ‘emergency SOS’ and then it immediately, if you let it go and don’t press cancel like I just did, it automatically calls emergency services.

“You can set up your emergency people and it’ll automatically send them a message that you need help and it’ll send them your location where you’re at.”

The woman’s co-host was just as impressed by the feature, that she also had no idea existed.

You can set up the iPhone feature in settings.

You can set this up on your iPhone by heading to settings and then Emergency SOS.

Here you can turn on settings for the emergency call with five button presses as well as ‘Call with Hold and Release’.

This one will begin a countdown and sound an alarm if you continuously hold the side button and either volume button.

After the countdown, if you release the buttons, emergency services will be called.

Other users mentioned ‘android does it too’ as some TikTok users wrote: “What? I never heard this.”

Some also did say: “I do this all the time without trying lol.”

And one user did hilariously recall: “I accidentally did this on Splash Mountain at Disney and it called all my emergency #s, the police, and sent a recording of me screaming & my location.”

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