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Tech expert reveals everything you can do with the iPhone 15's USB-C port

Tech expert reveals everything you can do with the iPhone 15's USB-C port

A 'tech head' YouTuber has revealed all the ways you can utilise the iPhone 15's USB-C port and charger.

A 'tech head' YouTuber has revealed all the ways you can utilise the iPhone 15's new USB-C port and charger.

Back in 2022, the EU revealed a new law which would force all technology companies to adopt a USB-C cable.

Many manufacturers have already moved to a USB-C charging lead, however, Apple stuck with its lightning connector cable, until now.

With the release of its latest iPhone - the iPhone 15 - the tech company revealed it's officially made the transition. And there's actually a whole lot more you can do with the charger than just plugging your phone in at a socket for some juice.

Marques Brownlee, a self-professed 'tech head' and internet personality has revealed some of the more out-of-the-box ways you can utilise the USB-C charger - if you're lucky enough to have gotten your hands on an iPhone 15, that is.

In a video uploaded to his YouTube, he explains: "Now, with USB-C on these phones, we already learned that you can just plug in a cable to charge an accessory, right?

"So, it's no reverse wireless charging, but you can at least plug in a USB-C cable straight to AirPods or an Apple Watch MagSafe charger, whatever, and it will charge from your phone's battery. So, that's already pretty interesting."

However, there's even more potential with a USB-C charger which Brownlee goes on to reveal.

Marques Brownlee has revealed other ways you can use the charger.
YouTube/ Marques Brownlee

The YouTuber explains he thought it would be 'worth learning all the rules and behaviors of plugging things into the iPhone 15s'.

"So here they are."

The first of Brownlee's discoveries is that if you plug in 'any older Lightning iPhone' into a USB-C iPhone, the USB-C iPhone will 'always give battery' to the Lightning iPhone - 'regardless of the charge state'.

"Every single time, no matter what," the YouTuber adds.

Brownlee then tried this with two USB-C iPhones and found it does 'a handshake' and the two phones 'talk to each other' to identify which phone has the lower battery and needs a boost from the other.

Brownlee even thought of trying 'a couple of' Android phones with the USB-C iPhone.

"Basically what we found is if you plug into your friend's Android phone who has more battery than you, and that phone has USB PD, it will actually act like a battery bank," he explains.

Perhaps the introduction of the USB-C on the iPhone 15s will help the Android v Apple rivalry lessen once and for all and see Android and Apple users unite.

Maybe that's a bit too optimistic.

The tech head continues: "But if the phone doesn't have the USB PD, which is a bunch actually right now, it's pretty inconsistent and you could end up charging it or it could end up charging you."

Ah well, it was a nice thought at least.

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/Marques Brownlee/Apple

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